I'm from a small town in Québec.

Trying to survive in academia (Philosophy); mostly interested in bioethics, cognitive sciences, epistemology and how the fields of ethics and the neurosciences can relate to developments in artificial intelligence and technology in general.

I also dabble in aerospace engineering and writing hard-science fiction in my spare time.

The Expanse is pretty much the only sci-fi TV series I enjoyed watching. You should watch it too.
Don't talk to me about Star Trek or Star Wars, they ruined the minds of entire generations by confusing spacecrafts with boats and naval vessels.

As for music, I mostly listen to Folk/Prog/Melodic Metal. Eluveitie, Gojira, Insomnium, Tool, Unexpect, etc. I also enjoy classical pieces and a bit of electro swing. Blues and Jazz are nice too, though my knowledge of these genres is still very limited.

I worked in a couple museums for a while. I'm a huge history geek, particularly into ancient and medieval european military tactics, strategy and equipment.

I spend way too much time reading about pre-roman Europe and the pre-european Americas. I'm not into modern history much, for the same reason I'm not into imperial roman history: colonialism and imperialism ruin everything.
Contemporary history is only beginning to get interesting again.