Yule Special

I usually work on Christmas and such and I seem to always miss Solstice because I forget what day it is since nobody else (I know) celebrates it… then I realized, I have a YouTube channel and I can shove my Yule down everyone’s throats. Pagan Power! I want to know if anyone else celebrates Yule instead of Christmas. First, I would imagine most of you celebrate Yule but call it Christmas. You can put the Christ back into Christmas, but let’s take Christ out of Yule. This is Christmas:

This is Yule:

The tree is something different still. It probably dates back to Viking or Saxton tree worshipers. If you have a better story let me know.

Anyway, I’m being an ass, you can celebrate whateverthefuck you want to celebrate and you can even make it up. Nobody is going to stop you from creating your own holiday where you fire overcooked apples out of a slingshot to celebrate the fact that you can. However, I get more into things if I know, understand, and enjoy the origins.

So… What should we do? A stream with a drink and an ugly sweater? A special episode? A Yule video discussing what it is? Any ideas? Anyone else do Yule instead of Christmas?

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1v1 me on rust bruh

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I don’t really celebrate anything, personally.

Most of my ancestors were from Bretony, so if I did bother with that stuff it would probably be celtic holidays, with Samhain, Alban Arthuan (the winter solstice), then Imbolc and such. Unfortunately, we only know the romano-briton, irish and scottish gaelic names for those festivaIs. The continental celts were assimilated into latin and germanic society before most of their languages could be written down.

But yeah, christmas is meant to be an asian holiday. We should stop painting Mary, Joseph and such as white people to make christianism more “euro-friendly” (that’s disregarding its historical origins).

As an atheist with religious family members I feel required and guilty for celebrating Christmas.

Wow this was really cool and unexpected. The video was very good.

Funny fast, I know the gods from SMITE.

Wish I celebrate Yule, mine family tradition is eating octopus with potatoes at 24th night…

Why would you feel guilty?

Well, one side of my family is super Catholic and the other is also religious, it’s Christmas by default.

I don’t really believe in much of any of that stuff, but I don’t care enough either way to push buttons over it.

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Atleast it’s just time to spend with family.

Unfortunately that’s not always a good thing.

I love my family, but some things are best done in moderation. Gotta love everybody being passive aggressive at this time of year!

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All I see in christmas is 2 dinosaurs yelling in front of of a 12 inch table saw


Wheres Chris Pratt?

I was just dying laughing.

haha I did die too

looks like it was just before the meteor hit.

You should totally make a video about Yule, comparing it to Christmas or something. But of course, you’ll have to do a super sweet intro. :wink:

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