YouTube and Your Subscription Feed

Forgot to follow up with this - on Monday, met with YouTube and told them about the scheduling problem. Gave them all the details on the two videos and the rep told me I had given him more information then any other YTer has provided in the past?! o _ o I’m a little blown away that 1. some of these channels don’t provide any additional information, just bitch into the abyss 2. YouTube hasn’t bothered asking for more technical details on what was different with the videos? Anyway, I don’t know if he was blowing smoke up my ass or what but he said he was going to forward all my details to the engineering team.


At least the Youtube rep has given you a response Hutch, but much depends on how they will implement what you’ve told them to correct things on their end.

We appreciate your efforts Hutch :slight_smile:

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I loled hard when Battletoads dropped onto the screen… and this makes so much sense. We are talking behind the scenes about “life outside of YT.” That could mean twitch… or it could mean getting serious about our side projects.

Yeah we get told that watch time is super important as far as ads revenue goes, but they don’t really share anything as far as the algorithm is concerned… But it would make sense that they’d go hand in hand with finding more viewers/suggested feed.

Linus and Unbox Therapy does daily videos but they have the staff atleast twice as big as ours, I can’t imagine what kind of work we’d have to do to maintain something like that. It’s hard enough with the four of us to get four videos out a week.

I think it might take a discussion with our audience on what kind of content they’d like to see. Honestly doing product videos is hard on us mentally (just because they get a little monotonous after a while) and doing narrative stuff can take quite a bit of time. And I don’t know how I’d feel about vlogging, seems like that doesn’t interest our audience. Like Logan mentioned, we have some side projects in mind too but they may require some dough, or a ton of time and resources. Not sure what else we’re left with, though… YouTube is kind of putting us in a funny place.


I do understand that. Daily videos is just not possible unless the staff is big enough. But maybe, they don’t have to be daily? Maybe a regular schedule? Like, Mon/Wed/Fri… Or something like that. I’ve seen other channels (about topics not related to technology) do this, and they had a steady grow. I think that might work but I also think that will somehow limit the exposure of any channel.

I think pushing traffic to the Site and not YouTube could potentially be the biggest solution to our problems cause here’s the thing. YT is a still a very valuable asset I mean we get payed for YT to host our videos. That kind of bandwidth and file storage is very expensive if we decided to do it ourselves. They solved everything for video streaming logistically.

I think pushing traffic to the site does 2 things, double dipping AD money which means we get AD views from the video plus AD views to the normal ADs on the site itself. That has to have a better impact hopefully.

The other benefit of pushing traffic to the site is a generally higher potential for User Engagement. More comments and viewing more related content that WE made.

To offset the loss of money from YT ADs in the forums make sense, not crazy ADs but some between the nav and the content and at the bottom of the forum content would probably be good. Just as a starter. There also aren’t ads on the main site as well that will help.

The other thing on the main site is we don’t have a Support Us page that pushes people to Patreon and our affiliate links. Telling people what gear we use, our recommended favorite HDMI, Sata, and Auxillary cords are dumb things that some people will just click and give us affiliate money.

YouTube is a necessary evil from what I can tell so far. We just need to use our brains to offset the loss of money from them and find it in other creative way that don’t require us to work that much harder. :slight_smile:

@Logan and @hutchison15 let me know if anything I am saying is wrong concerning YT or recommendations are dumb.

Cause I think we’re getting close to a good generally consistent release cycle for vids but there are other ways to make money that isn’t directly YouTube related.

We upload three times during the week and once during the weekend. When nothing goes wrong :smiley: we upload Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

I’m not really concerned with the money we make from the platform as its not our primary means of income, I’m more concerned about the audience we garner and getting people to watch. Our view count in relation to our actual subscriber base is off and does not seem “right” when comparing to other channels our size. If we can figure out how to work the algorithm to work in our favor without doing something like clickbait and circlejerking concepts, then we can find a better groove for making videos and getting them out there.

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Ah yeah definitely makes the most sense. I wonder if little short videos uploaded on the off days can circumvent that? Or maybe doing a video game livestream on the channel on off days? From what I understand the only way to garner more attention is to upload more?

Longer and more frequently. Check out the video delatjua provided - it sums it up pretty well: YouTube and Your Subscription Feed

Hmm so is YouTube punishing people for not putting out 30min. of randomness per video?

May just need to go the old school Barnacules route and drop 15-30 min. reviews in order to get a high watch time

TLDR - pretty much. The system tailors for more frequent and longer content. I was thinking of publishing videos on MWFSat and then streaming Tuesdays and Thursdays? That way we’re not atleast rushing content, but then mixingin in something different almost every day of the week.


Hmm… What about maybe making Inbox it’s own video instead. And maybe rant:30 on another day? Would it be possible?

The streaming part might be a good thing. LTT has the WAN show live and it’s good. You can interact with the guys and ask questions or give opinions on the news and articles.

Do you think you guys could make a Netflix or Amazon series or Documentary? I Think even a silly sketch show would be awesome. I sometimes wonder if youtube will still be a platform for people starting out or smaller channels. I have a kind of hunch that they are trying to be like Netflix or Hulu with their “original” shows. (Pewpoopie)

Try using instead of Sendy. Esend does not require to maintain your own server and provides hassle free service. It is much cheaper than other email service provider with only $0.10 per 1000 emails and also a free tier with Amazon SES.

Would love to get there and we have a ton of ideas - but unfortunately, that is a matter of networking to get you there - and we have no in’s with that industry.



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