Your Preferred Browser and Extensions + Why

I am into optimizing my time when online so I want to see what others are doing with their browsing. I have Opera 41.0 with the following extensions: HTTPS everywhere, AdBlock Plus, Disconnect, JavaScript on and off, NoFlash. I also have a game on the side toolbar. I like Opera because it is fast, really nice shortcut features (swipe left with mouse to go back a page), and it is has some great products. OperaCoast for iPhone is very good, though not available on Android.

I have

  • An ad blocker
  • Calculator

And that’s it. Simplicity is the utmost elegance.

I use Chrome v.55.0.2883.75 m and I only use ublock origin and https everywhere. I used those 2 for a long time and it’s been smooth and without complications!

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I use a variety of browsers, depending what I’m doing. My main browser is Firefox, with ublock origin and HTTPS everywhere. I use Vivaldi for forums, Twitch, YouTube subs, and anything else I stay signed in on (I auto sign out of everything on Firefox). I’ve got HTTPS Everywhere, BetterTTV and ublock (with whitelists for sites like this and others that I actually want them to have ad revenue) for Vivaldi. I occasionally use Chrome for downloading music; I DJ, so there are a lot of weird free download gateways. I use a few more extensions with Chrome, Google analytics opt out, Google Art Project, https everywhere, IBA opt out, Protect My Choices, Secure Mail for Gmail (Streak) and uBlock. And then I use Edge for Netflix and Amazon video only with no extensions.

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Chrome plus addblock…I am but a simple man.

uBlock Origin <-Ad blocker
HTTPS Everywhere <-Uses HTTPS whenever possible
Ghostery <-Blocks web trackers
The Great Suspender <-Automatically suspends unused tabs

Web Browser: Vivaldi
Extensions: uBlock Origin, uBlock Origin Websocket, HTTPS Everywhere, Ghostery.

I use chrome.
Extensions: BetterTTV, HTTPS Everywhere, Remove Promotions for Twitter, ImprovedTube - YouTube Extension, uBlock Origin, Turn Off the Lights & Tampermonkey.

I’m a Chrome slave as well (I run the beta though)


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Chrome with two profiles


  • Authy
  • LastPass


  • Authy
  • LastPass
  • Claire
  • Dialpad
  • Postman
  • Sendible