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Your platform of choice for e-commerce and blog



Hello fellas, it’s been a while!

What a better place to ask a question about e-commerce than tek syndicate? I mean if no one can reply, there’s Logan that can come in and throw an answer.

Anyway, I want to run my e-commerce. I also want to run a blog attached to this e-commerce on another tab or menu. I have been building one on wordpress for the last month and I’m no the kind of guy that want to have to adjust literally EVERYTHING manually and log in like 5 times a day to do the updates because someone was not able to place it’s order. I bought a 60$ theme and I kind of regret it. At least it’s mine now.

So I see a lot of other platforms like shopify, squarespace, wix and many others. I know there are fees each month, but my time is worth money so the time I put on maintaining the website is money wasted anyway. What are your suggestions? I find squarespace having the best designs but I’m not sure yet. You input is valuable to me.


Squarespace was easy mode for sure. If you want to just get your products online it’s a great way to get that going. If you want total control then WordPress and woocommerce are the way to go. That’s what we are using now and we are able to take crypto payments. I’m also way better at messing with WordPress. Which theme did you get?


Thanks for the quick reply.

I bought Motor Vehikal and started from demo and went on this way. I liked the esthetics even if I’m not selling motorcycle gear. I remived pictures, changed the layout and logos and all.

All the things left doing seems like a mountain. I could definetly kick my ass and do it and stop whining. I have no excuses other than I’m lazy.

So you are using wordpress and woocommerce yourself. Don’t you feel overwhelmed by the amount of goddamn updates you have to do each day to keep your website functional?


Most of the major updates are automated. I mess with it randomly but it’s not something that needs constant maintenance. The old site was Drupal and it was cool but way overkill, plus WordPress has way more support/plugins… That can be a downside too… You have to make sure you get good plugins.


Shopify is easy mode too. They have a system for in-store purchases as well, I’m not sure if Squarespace has anything similar. Not sure if you’re looking for anything like that…

In any way, all these have free-trials. I would give 'em a go and see if it fits your needs.


Yeah I might as well use the trial and see if it suits me. Thanks guys, your input is appreciated!


I suppose I’m an outlier. As I prefer to roll my own site from scratch. :stuck_out_tongue: