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Your personal GOTY


Maybe try terraria or star bound.


Check out Astroneer and The Forest; both are still in pre-alpha, but very playable in their current states.


I think I am going to look into these two later. Tried terraria on xbox 360 ( I know… I know lol) and couldn’t get into it but might try it out on the pc. Thanks for the suggestions.


I seen an advert for astroneer and it looked like it could be epic fun. Definitely want to try that later. As for the forest, I have heard good things about it but not looked into much.

As for pre-alpha games, been playing subnatica and 7 days to die at the beginning. I like it when you get to see the games develop and when developer’s listen to feedback. Thanks for the suggestions


Starbound has a bit more story if that’s what your after.


Like probably a lot of people, kinda depends on the mood and how much time I have. Like end of the day and I am knackered and just want to kill or weekend just about to finish and I have time to kill before bed and I just want to loose myself in a story haha. I do like to try new things now and then…


Battlefield 1, really didn’t think I would like the WWI setting at all but it’s drawn me in and now I’m watching all these historic videos on youtube about WWI.

Biggest disappointment was Titanfall 2, the single player campaign had pings of nostalgia from Half Life and Portal but it was too short and the mutiplayer seems so much faster than the first one, I’m not into hyper twitch shooters anymore.


This year: Doom (2016) because I didn’t buy it until after I bought the 144 hz monitor.

I just picked up a few Linux titles in the Steam sale. I’m enjoying those but not as much as Doom on Windows 10. Nothing has come close so far.


Shadow of war. I loved the first game so much, and this game just blew me away.


For 2017 there are just so many good games I have played and when it comes to awards I am never fond of the whole process so yeah I will not pick on here.