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Your personal GOTY


Firewatch is really good too! Kinda forgot about it, though. It wasn’t very long, but it was good.


Loved that game!


World Of Warcraft - Legion. I’ve had such a good time with this game so far. ALMOST everything about it is an improvement. The only thing I dislike about it is the PvP, which is a large hit for me because that’s usually what I concentrate on end-game. I miss having gear that actually meant something in PvP. But for the most part, I can honestly say I love this expansion, unlike WoD which was basically crap, and unlike MoP and Cata which I thought were kinda decent.


Ya I liked it alot as well. Unfortunately I kinda got burnt out of wow and only made it half way through the xpac.


Stardew Valley


Is Stardew Valley as good as they say it is? I bought it a while back, but I haven’t played it yet.


I really like it man. Its the best of Animal Crossing and Harvest moon combined. The music is amazing, the storyline is awesome. Its one of those games where you say you’re going to jump on for an hour or maybe 30 minutes and then its 5am and you have to leave for work in 2 hours.

It just gets you and makes you want to play and say “oh wait I can do this thing I’ll quit after that. Oh wait now that I am done with that I can do this!”


I bought the 2 new Wolfenstein games near the end of 2016.

New Order was a 2014 release. Old Blood was a 2015 release.

I enjoyed both of them thoroughly.


Both amazing shooters. Can’t wait tell the 3rd one!


Goddamn it… Now I need to buy it.


That will be one soul for payment plz


I hooked it up to my TV with my Steam Controller. It works pretty well, it is very dangerous on the TV. I DONT WANT TO LEAVE!


Elon Musk gets asked his GOTY


Fallout 4 is epic in itself. Hours ‘n’ hours of walking about exploring! I must admit though - Uncharted 4: a thiefs ending is pretty decent! Made me lol when you play the ps1 in it… playing a game within a game = gamesecption! haha! :desktop:


Fallout 4 was a massive disappointment for me. Very poor short main story and the world being filled with lots of throngs felt very empty. Walk around for hours and not pick any quests up.


Disregarding that I haven’t actually finished the main story, my thing is that I pretty much just don’t like any of the main factions. Each one has a “if you’re not with me you’re against me” mentality, and as we all know from Star Wars that leads to having you’re limbs cut off on the side of a volcano, you’re waifu dying, and eventually turning into a Sith Lord.


I agree on that too. Faction stuff felt laaaame. Also the stuff I love about fallout and elder schrolls is wandering about picking up side quests. Fallout 4 failed in that a lot.


Tbh, I haven’t finished it yet, between work, kids and family - kind of hard to but I enjoy it. Exploring, base building and killing stuff. What would you recommend as an alternative?


I would still finish it. If you like it, that’s great and worth the time. As far as recommending anything I would need to know what your likes and dislikes are.


tbh, i really need to upgrade my PC but i would like to run gears of war 4, i did the previous 3 and loved them. I used to play 7 days to die but after the “update” that changed the layout of crafting etc, i dont enjoy it as much as i did. still lol playing minecraft with my kids.

Survival. PvE. Crafting. Team work. not too big that you need clock in days a week to get any where. occasionally story line based games. Any ideas?