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Your personal GOTY


Thought this would be a fun post to do with the community now that 2016 is almost over. What’s your game of the year? I thought you could list a game that came out this year and maybe a game that didn’t come out this year but you only started playing it in 2016.

My 2016 game: Battlefeild 1

Only played now: Cities Skylines


For me, if we count expansion packs as candidates: The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine.
If we don’t count expansion packs, then: Dark Souls 3.


Witcher 3 expansions totally count! That expansion was a game itself!


I just got Doom and I am in love with it. The glorious gore and the music are just amazing.




Homeworld : Deserts of Kharak made me like RTS games again.

The genre is way too clogged by ridiculous blizzard-ish bullshit. Grey Goo was nice, but this is something else entirely.


I don’t own any games that came out in 2016, so my GOTY would probably be Fallout 4. I bought it in early August and put in 130+ hours as of the end of November.

Alternative would have to be OG Skyrim. That was pretty much the only game I played for the first half of 2016.


My game of the year is: DOOM!

My old game of the year is: The Walking Dead (Season 1 + 2).

Pretty fantastic year for gaming no matter what platform you are on :slight_smile:


It’s overwatch! I play with my girlfriend and friends it’s a non stop blast. Arcade mode is the best.

Single player wise I give it to Dark Souls 3.


Darks Souls 3, for me, is more of a single player experience due to the limited resources required to activate the multiplayer. Dark Souls 3 makes my single player experience of the year. I bought it only 4 days ago and have logged 16 hours.

Overwatch is my multiplayer game of the year. I bought it because I had some extra store credit gathering dust and was hooked for several hours after canceling the plans I had for that night.

I haven’t finished Blood and Wine yet, but now I know I should.


Once I fit in how well the game is designed: Deus ex MD

Game for pure fun and enjoyment: Final Fantasy XV


Overwatch has my heart. And my soul.

Blizz pls.


It it comes down to pure quantity of hours played, I have to give it to Overwatch.

However, DOOM also has a special place in my heart.


Overwatch is definitely up there for me; I didn’t even get it until the fall either. Firewatch and Inside also get honorable mentions as well.


Dark Souls 3.


Personally, Battlefield 1 was my game of the year. The gameplay mechanics borrowed from BF4 and what felt like BC2/Battlefront was so good… The warbonds system was great, gun play feels fair (except for the automatico m1918… still has yet to be fixed), vehicles are easy to maneuver, lots of gamemodes to choose from… Just pretty happy with it in general.


I enjoyed it at first but burned out pretty quick. The guns need(ed) some balancing at the time.


My GOTY is Battlfield 1. Its a huge game with a lot of multiplayer action. It combines large scale combat with amazing graphics and netcode is good at this BF iteration.

I actually had some bugs with the game, DX 11 error with the good old GTX 770, but still, this game is so much fun to play with friends online!


I would have to say either Overwatch, World of Warcraft Legion, or Civilization 6. Though if I had to choose only one I would likely pick Overwatch as it is a totally new game from Blizzard.

They both have taken so much time.


Descent Underground! Still in development. I got it when it crashed like crazy in Linux. It has come soooo far since then and they are still improving it