WTT/WTB windows 7

I would like to trade a factory sealed windows 7 professional key for a windows 7 ultimate key. Also if someone has a cheap windows 7 ultimate key I may consider buying, but would prefer trade. Thanks

not sure if bonanza is a good rated site but they allow paypal check out and it is only $8 usd. that is if you are in the states. don’t know about outside the usa.

EDIT: actually didn’t notice it says “ships from france” in that link but might take a look around the site anyway.

thanks i wonder if anyone else has used it

Might give them a go and see what happens :slight_smile:
Edit: Just brought Windows 10 Pro & Office 2016 Pro. for 30 Kiwis Lets see if there is going to be an issue

please let us know how it goes! i would like to get win 7 for $8

These key sellers are usually left overs from bulk licensing.

Back on the old Tek Syndicate days there was a person who sold keys this way and then about 3 months after people bought the keys, they got deactivated. When questioned the individual jumped ship. Since then, key selling was banned.

If you are ever buying cheap licence keys this way, be very very careful.