WTT Asus Rog, Amd FX 8350

I have a Asus rog corsshair v formula Z Motherboard and a Amd 8350 cpu that I would like to trade for a intel Cpu and Motherboard.

Nothing is wrong with my motherboard or cpu, i just want to try out intel, since upgrading from my first cpu a athlon X2 to a FX 8350.

i also have the original boxes to both parts. Both the motherboard and cpu are in fantastic shape and I never overclocked the 8350.
8350 Has also been cooled by a corsair h60 since birth.

Let me know if anyone is interested.

This guy on TPU is looking to buy an 8350 and mobo, you might try going there and PMing him since I doubt you’ll find an interested party here.

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too late. lol but thanks