[WTS] Prey Steam Key

I’ve got a key for Prey on steam The game is currently $60. I already own Prey so I’ll let it go for like $30. I take payments via Paypal only.

This is the new prey right? Not the 2007 one?

That’s correct it’s the new one.

Would you consider 25$? Being from Canada with the conversion 30$usd kinda sucks for me.

Yes i’d accept $25 I can PM you my paypal details if you like?

This is still up for grabs guys till @GnomishViking finalizes a deal with me.

Hey sorry I’m busy for the next while. I’ll get in touch with you tonight or tomorrow if you haven’t sold it.

Hey I think I’ll pass sorry

No hard feelings. I’ll probably give this a couple more days before I formulate some sort of give away

Just be patient SoulFallen as there has to be someone out there that will buy it. At least get something for it.

Bump. I’ll give this a couple more days to sell so if anyone wants it now is the time.