(wts) gtx 970 ftw acx 2.0

Hey guys,

Looking to move my old 970 along, in the UK but am willing to ship anywhere if you cover the cost, not that the 970 is a particularly rare card anywhere in the world. It was in my brothers PC until he decided to replace it. Some details;

  • Never attempted OC on this unit, willing to try if necessary
  • Unit is in warranty until 2nd July 2018 in EMEA. Also have the original invoice for warranty transfer
  • Graphics firestrike score of 12000, test 1 57.91 test 2 47.48fps respectively
  • Original box included, no stickers/accessories included in the box

Looking for $180 over PayPal/other methods or £150 BACS, if you need any more details ask away.