[WTS] Asus Directcuii 7970

Just upgraded to a fury x so this
(cloudgaming12 username is for Level1 forum) is not being used anymore. It has served me well and is still a capable card. Card wasn’t used for mining or anything like that. I only over clocked it to a little over 1ghz without any voltage adjustments so longevity should still be good. It has a beefy cooler on it so I am sure it can be overclocked higher if you actually worked at it. I am looking for 80$ for this card but am willing to listen to offers.

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would you ship to canada

Depends on how much shipping would be looks like close to $45. If you are willing to cover at least a decent portion of that I would be willing.

45$ seems too high, I’d check with the post office directly once it’s in a box. I’d pay up to 110$ CAD

PM me an address and I will go see how much it will cost to get it sent.


Bump. I am willing to listen to offers!

Final Bump

Card has been sold