(WTB) "retro" video game consoles/games/accesories

I am looking for: sega cdx & cd model 2, sega dreamcast(black/sports edition), sega dreamcast green & black controllers, gamecube component cables, sega saturn, nintendo gamecube(with digital output), nintendo gamecube wavebird controller receivers(4), gameboy sp NES edition, nintendo 64 DD(disk drive), sega genesis 6 button controllers/arcade sticks, sega nomad, xbox1 & 360 wireless controllers(new only).

I also am in interested in purchasing consoles/games/accessories for consoles from 1983-2015 excluding ps1,2,3. Thanks.

I have a 64 and genesis cartridges, original xbox. Also genesis controllers.

I’m interested in all of that. List what you have and price it. For the xbox is it the green/halo console? The Sega controllers I’m interested in are 6 button controllers and arcade sticks. @Spenlard

Hey man sorry I didn’t get back to you. The Xbox is just regular, with Halo 1 inside it. I haven’t got the cords, and it rattles. Hasn’t been turned on in years, may need a refurb. Idk. The sega controls are also regular ones, not 6 button. Let me know if yah want it. I also have a Sears atari 8600.

What games do you have? for 64 and genesis

I’ll check tonight