Would you rather buy used or new?

Hey guys, simple question here. I am done with my mini-ITX build but with the black friday deals I am wondering if I should buy a water cooler Corsair h60 new for 60$ CAD or used (1 year) for 45$ ? Is it still expensive?

With something like a closed loop system it shouldn’t matter used or new since it’s likely checked to be sold again. However, I don’t know how that will affect any warranty so keep that in mind. In my opinion though I always buy closed loop coolers new.

I just failed to be clear but the new one is from NCIX and the used one is from a guy like you and me. So no warranty there. But assuming he used it for a year and it didn’t leak… it should be fine right? How can I inspect it? Just moving it around to see if there is any liquid falling off is ok?

Ehh… Why is the owner selling it?

Problem is that no way to really tell “WELL” if it has a leak or not is until the pump is turned on.

I’d probably go with a 212 Evo with the money, honestly - instead of taking a risk with buying a used AIO. AIO’s are overkill in most scenarios, anyways.

for 45$ he can get a hella good Noctua.

Oh, no doubt - but in reality, something like the nh-d15 is gonna be over kill as well. But if you’re on a budget, I’d honestly just go with something like a 212 Evo and put the extra money else where.

I’ll explain everything. I should have done it at the begenning. I have built my mini-ITX rig and so now my 212 EVO is hiding all my msi z170i pro ac motherboard. I want to show it off along with the rest of the case so having a water cooler will help. :stuck_out_tongue: I already have the 212. I’m willing to buy a water cooler basicly just for the looks. I don’t even OC my GPU cause it crashes even when I add some voltage on it. My CPU is OC’ed from 3.5GHz to 4GHz. I don’t need much more cooling. I’m pretty conservative about that. Mostly because my GPU doesn’t seem to be overclockable at all and it scares me to see my screen crashing and having to reset my computer…


It’s a mITX board in a small case, it will be blocked from view in some way regardless. The hoses on AIO are pretty long for use in larger cases and one can’t really shorten them all too easily, nor can they just be folded up and stashed away, so they have to somewhere…

unfortunately not in canada

Honestly if you’re just going for aesthetics and you want that water cooler I’d just buy one new. You won’t be disappointed and if you decided to OC your CPU even more you’ll have the ability to do so.

When it comes to a water cooler I would never buy used. Even though it may be “checked over” for all you know some guy just looked at it and said “yup. That’s a water cooler” and put it back in the box.

I’d rather not buy at all. Die commerce die.

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