Worried About Cold/Humidity Damage to PC and Periferals

Last Friday (12/09), part of a tree fell through the roof of my apartment punching a hole right through the ceiling. Due to work/more shitty weather, I have not been able to move my PC and periferals from my apartment.

I live in Portland, OR and the weather here has been relatively cold (and obviously humid). There’s no heat in my apartment for now and as of tomorrow (12/16) it’ll be a week since my PC has been left in my cold and humid apartment.

Something to note is that my PC has not been turned on since 12/09. So now, I’m sitting here concerned about cold/humidity damage to my PC and periferals. Also, I have been given conflicting information on whether or not there’s asbestos in the ceiling and how that could affect my health/PC.

If anyone could help by giving suggestions/ideas/tips/etc. I would really appreciate it.

As a final note, I do have renters insurance.

Thanks everyone!

If it’s not turned on it shouldn’t be a problem for most of the components. As they can still operate with certain amounts of humidity tolerance. That being said, hard drives aren’t meant for the very cold. If it’s been less than 0 degrees C in your room you may have issues.

It’ll be fine. When you can set it up somewhere warm and dry just let it sit for a few hours with the side panel off. Any moisture built up should evaporate in that time and leave you free to use your rig again.

I had a Dell in my truck bed wrapped in a trash bag for a week that got rained on, frozen, thawed, then rained on some more before I finally could move it inside. Let it sit for about 7 hours in a warm room and it had no problems running after that.