Windows update crashes my computer every time and I can't repair it

I built a computer recently and now when windows updates it jacks me up. The first time it gave me a blue screen and I had to reload windows. This time it has me stuck in a loop and I can’t even format the ssd. When I start the computer it asks me to repair window’s then tells me windows can not be repaired. But I only get two options. Repair windows or restart the computer. I tried putting the Windows cd in to just reinstall and it wont let me do that either. What do I do?

Did you go into the bios to select booting from the windows media? You can also try to hit F10 over and over when the computer boots and it will ask you which drive to boot from. Let me know if that helps.

I just went ahead and replaced the SSD and HDD with new ones. But I will most defiantly look into that. Thank you.