Windows/Hackintosh Clean Slate

Figured I could post this here as everyone is quite smart.


I recently installed MacOS Sierra using an already modified sierra .raw file that had clover on it. (It seemed to be the easiest way.) I partitioned my 500GB SSD to have windows on 440GB and 60GB for MacOS Sierra. I installed Final Cut Pro X, and then it started crashing.

I deleted the partition using my backup windows 8 2TB HDD the next day as it was crashing after 5 minutes of opening sierra and using chrome. I couldn’t boot into my windows SSD and couldn’t figure out why, until I set that partition as active. Now I’m back to windows 10 and my computer is having issues with RAM (running out of ram quickly). I did mess with the page file before the hackintosh, and a couple things through samsung magician. Now I just want a clean slate without RAM issues.

The Goal:

  • Dual boot MacOS Sierra or El Capitan (Used exclusively for Final Cut Pro X), and Windows 10.

  • Preferably both operating systems on my one SSD.

  • I want to start clean with Windows 10 and Mac dual booted.

Later I can transfer my current files back to my Windows 10 from a backup drive. I’m new to hackintosh, any tips? How would I go about it?


  • 4670K
  • 8GB RAM
  • Sapphire R9 280
  • Gigabyte AMP-UP Mobo
  • Samsung 850 500GB & WD 2TB Black & 2x WD 150GB Velociraptor 10K
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Just curious do you need the hardware power in Final Cut Pro?

If you are only using macOS for one app, why not just run in a Virtual Machine and possibly upgrade your RAM to 16GB to allocate 8GB or 4GB to Windows and 8GB or 12GB to Mac in a VM respectively.

I’ve tried to do it this way but the performance isn’t there. I’d be editing high frame rate and 4k footage, so I’d need the full power of the computer. Thanks for the suggestion.

There is a guy who has similar hardware like you on youtube.

He has a build video for his hackintosh, but its only for patreons.

Here is the teaser:

I guess he can help you.

I would say Keep windows on the 500GB SSD and get an extra HDD/SSD for the MAC, because partitioning can cause some problems. Its a lot safer, if the mac drive as it isn’t fully stable has some issue then your window drive will be ok.

Maybe going into your task manger might resolve to see what is consuming your resource would help, might be windows update.

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