Windows: 30 years of backwards compatibility

Watch 36 years of Microsoft PC operating systems for consumers flash before your eyes, plus more than a couple dick drawings, in this experiment to challenge the limits of sequential Windows installation.

“To install windows 10 I just left the room for 10 minutes and it magically installed itself.”


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Barnacule’s perspective of the recent ‘Microsoft Madness’:

People I know who work and have worked for M$ tell me Jerry (barnacules) was a SDET (Test Engineer) which is essentially the lowest development role you can have with the company.

It’s like entry level stuff where you don’t need a lot of dev experience and do a lot of cutting and pasting. I am astonished M$ kept him employed for 15 years. He must have been good at staying under the radar, or worked in decent dev teams. Either way, his clickbait windows 10 rants give him plenty of YouTube views.


I’ll be excited to see MS became a hardware company so at least people don’t get fucked on the software side of things. They seem to be pulling farther and farther out of the PC market and going into the mobile design market. I have a feeling they are going towards a locked down design like windows RT, then people are really going to be screwed.

Unless they come to linux of course. Then they’re fine.