Windows 10 or Windows 11 can I run it?

So, sadly due to my x79 build I can’t upgrade to windows 11 but, if there was a way without hacks could I? As I can still play games at high -max settings. Hence why I don’t wanna upgrade. But if I need to upgrade I will.

Running a
i7 3930k, 32gb ram(1866), x2 R9 390’s. 1500 watt psu corsair.
mobo: asus p9x79 pro motherboard.

Thought I’m not sure if there will be any compatibilities issues, but the latest Rufus Portable can help you create a Windows 11 flash drive without needing Secure Boot and a TPM module. Just select the ‘Extended Windows 11 Installation (no TPM / no Secure Boot)’ option under ‘Image Option.’ Select ‘MBR’ under file system, then select ‘BIOS (UEFI-CSM)’ under target system.