Windows 10 keep rebooting after update

Hi guys, I bought a genuine Windows 10 Pro Build 10240 (with product key) from someone for my new SSD, got the ISO from him conveniently, so I thought great I just have to update it after…

Windows told me to restart to install the update, which took very long. Finally when it’s nearly done it ask me what setting I want like location and cortana, then I see my account loading, but before it goes on desktop the pc reboots, and again ask me what setting I want like location and cortana… it goes on and on like this. I had to reinstall a fresh windows. :rage:

What could have cause it? Could it be a driver issue? Because I’m using an “old” motherboard
ECS H61H2-M4 which only has up to Windows 8 drivers. Or I even need to update? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Also if I torrent the latest Windows 10 build will my product key work on it? :sweat_smile:

botched install. Not necessarily your fault. Windows 10 has a problem with shitting the bed. That’s why I’m still on 8.1 for thing I need to run in windows while my daily driver is Linux.

Windows 10 should fetch relevant drivers for your chipset when you update; you shouldn’t need to do anything specific. BTW, windows 8/8.1 have a nearly identical kernel so if you install windows 8 updates (if needed) it should work for 10.

The cracked ones don’t need a key. Don’t use a legitimate key on them either, unless you check the SHA1 checksum of the ISO against what Microsoft has then you are downloading a compromised version of windows; one with a back door built by someone nefarious other than Microsoft.

If you have a Legit Key, Why would you need to do this?
You can use this tool
Which allows ISO creation and USB and supports Pro and Home versions

Thanks for your feedback Dynamic_Gravity. I was still on Windows 8 (not 8.1) before upgrading, I would still be on Windows 8 if things didn’t start to go haywire (15 min just to boot Windows). Since I was upgrading to an SSD I thought why not start using Windows 10.

Oh I didn’t know there was a legit way to do it :sweat_smile:

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Yea Microsoft have been providing isos since windows 7.
Windows 7 was though Digital River and windows 8.x and 10 have been via the media toolkit

I don’t think a lot of people actively look, they just look for the torrents

The only people people who need the ISO’s are prabably more comfortable with torrenting the ISO’s, since that’s what they had to do in the past. Average grandma won’t even know what an ISO it.

Well I tried the Media Creation Tool and I got version 10.0.15063 ISO, is that the Windows 10 Creators Update version? I’m not sure. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yes it.