Why We All Miss Windows 7 So Much... Windows 11 is a Mess Compared to This

Originally published at: Why We All Miss Windows 7 So Much… Windows 11 is a Mess Compared to This | tek syndicate


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We didn’t know how good we had it… we figured the OS situation was finally fixed. Windows 7 was it. We had no idea how bad they would mess things up with Windows 8… but oh, god… they showed us.

Windows 10 was a massive improvement. It wasn’t quite as easy to navigate when compared to Windows 7, but if felt a bit more like a desktop OS… and then there’s Windows 11.

We compare Windows 7’s features and ease of use with Windows 10 and Windows 11. Enjoy and let us know why you miss Windows 7.

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Remember how shutting down your system on Windows 8 was a setting. :rofl:

I just don’t understand why they don’t include some way to select a desktop mode or a tablet mode, like separate the single UI into two versions and give the end user an option to select it either during installation or after the first boot.