Why I'm Going to Hong Kong | CRIT VLOG

Originally published at: https://crit.tv/why-im-going-to-hong-kong-crit-vlog/

Logan is off to Hong Kong! Have some Hong Kong specific questions for him? Send them to [email protected]

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INB4 Crit boob pads.
(mid-left @ 0:45)


I am hoping for a basic mouse that’s of moderate to large size and/or one that I can take apart to add weight since I’m one of the weird ones that like heavy mice.

This is helpful… everyone feel free to send me ideas.

I would like a mouse thats a clone of the Madcats mmo and mmo te mouse

Only half joking…

I do like the crazy pattern of the one you had in the vids recently, I like the old TS mouse but I could like some more buttons. Would be nice to add or remove weight like @w.meri was saying. A little bigger would be nice, if it could have a similar boy as a Roccat Tyon aka a place to rest my thumb.

Also hope to see some videos on street food and just crazy spicy food in general while you are there. Also should do some crazy cheapo Chinese knock off hardware finds like you did back in the day.

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but the first gen Corsair M65 is just about perfect for me. To be specific,

Nice size
DPI settings
Just enough buttons
Built like a brick shithouse

Finicky with USB 3.0 ports
Soaks in the oils from skin
Teflon feet don’t have the best adhesive

Sniper button
Cable still has kinks from when it was in the packaging, FIVE YEARS AGO.
Sensor is love or hate

For me the size is the most important. I used to use one of those cheapo Logitech wireless mice, but with my hybrid palm grip it was simply too small for me to use comfortably. Weight isn’t as important because I can just toss in a poly bag filled with lead shot or tungsten powder or something. For me the sensor doesn’t matter too much as long as it’s “good enough”. The PMW3360 would be nice and all, but a more basic one would be fine as well. I think my mouse uses the ADNS 9800 and I don’t have any issues with it. A flimsy mouse has no place on my desk however.

Oh, and being able to take it apart would be nice. Sometimes you really just want to mod something, ya know?

In a recent video there was a comment about a keyboard. If that happens, any chance of getting it in a kit? I know it’s just me being picky, but I like Clears, and those are hard to find in a keyboard style I like.

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I love the feel of the mionix 3200, is it possible to make one like that or is the design patient?

I’m still waiting for someone to make a mouse that has easily-replaceable/repairable switches, not unlike mechanical keyboard switches.

I tend to only buy new mice once per decade. I’m still on my second mouse ever. I’m a bit OCD about the durability of the products I buy. Anything that you can take apart and repair yourself is a win in my book.

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I need a little bigger Naos.

No I don’t want Func.

I am thirsty where is your biggest lake?

i very much like the razer death adder, as i use 2 fingers to right click. As you may know theres a curve in both sides of the house on the left click and right click ( like a small half pipe ) very much helps wmy with my right clicking as my fingers rest on the top of the lips or the bumps on the mouse

I’d like to once see a mouse with harder to press buttons on the sides and have them extend out further. So easier to reach but harder to click them by mistake.

Tactile clicky buttons on the sides has always been overlooked and I totally agree.


An all black MX518 would be glorious.