Why has the price of DDR4 gone so drastically up?

Here you can see a price chart of DDR4 memory (in Germany). In June this year, 16 GB were around 60 EUR, now they are at twice that amount! What happened?


Christmas, release of kaby lake, etc. I’d guess. During Christmas prices always go up, especially here in Germany (I’m from germany too)

People are willing to pay more in the christmas days, so obv they ramp the prices up from probably before November to January. Check again in March, I bet its lowering again then, unless there is a manufacturing issue currently.

Oh and don’t forget, even AMD (Zyren) is gonna support DDR4 now, so even more potential Customers = lets higher all the prices!

EDIT: I mean AMD Ryzen, goddamn this horrible name, why not Phantom or so, sounds way cooler

Might also be stock related, maybe Kingston is currently producing slowly, so they are running low on stock in the shops and raise prices.

That sudden raise is what I often see when stuff goes low in stock.


Supply and demand, a perfect storm. Also ddr5 isn’t around yet so it’s still the best thing.
I wonder what ddr3 prices are these days…

The same thing happens in Australia with items going up in price, and that’s not only computer parts either.

So will they go down again?

Generally businesses increase prices during the festive season, then in the early part of the new year prices on consumer items tend to drop markedly.

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I blame Samsung. All the new phones use DDR4, and I believe Samsung has recently had some manufacturing problems.

If you want to look at it from an economics perspective, it can be explained with just the laws of supply and demand.

  • If demand increases, like right around the holidays, but the supply stays the same, then price will go up.
  • If demand stays the same, but the supply decreases, like manufacturing issues and whatnot, then the price will go up.
  • If demand increases and supply decreases, like when there’s holidays and manufacturing issues, then the price will go up even more.