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Why did this forum die?


Can anyone tell me how in a year the forum died?


it wasnt really alive to begin with




Most people went to L1T I believe. In this case, we’re basically starting again from scratch.

It’s difficult when you’re competing with other tech tubers too, like LTT who has their own huge fan base. I think MOST people in general just go to forums for answers, but don’t become an active part of the forum right away, and when they see that the forum isn’t active they don’t bother asking, and then nobody gets involved and you can’t grow.

I still try to be active here because I like the channel, and I’m not on LTT, but it’s definitely too quiet and when new people come here and create an account, poke around a bit, and see that it’s pretty dead, then they turn away and forget about it.

So since the forum has almost completely lost its sway, the only thing I could really think of is if everyone here were a little more active. That way, when new people check it out they can see that there are actually some people here still trying to make it work. I also think we need more big community posts that don’t require a lot of effort (Recently Acquired, Tavern, Beer, etc.); the fun posts that you don’t have to be an expert at anything to contribute to. I love when people help each other out with issues, but not everyone is interested in or has the level of knowledge to contribute to a conversation about cryptocurrency, networking, coding, etc.

Maybe this (the forum, not this thread) would be a good place to talk about things that aren’t being focused on on the YouTube channel too, like more hardware stuff. That’s what got me into Tek Syndicate in the first place. I know it’s not Logan’s main focus, and I totally get why, but we could carry on the conversation here.

I dunno. This is all just theoretical.

Also, I’m personally not sure how I feel about every YouTube video being posted as a thread. In theory it makes sense. People come to the forum, see there’s a new video, go watch it. But the problem right now is there aren’t really any new posts being made. So instead of the YouTube threads being seen and then getting pushed down to the bottom by the normal threads, they’re just pushing all the normal threads down to the bottom.


its automatic


Should be possible to un-automate it though, right?


Also frustrating when notifications take two days to show up.

Also would be nice to have embedded video back.

Not bitching, just some suggestions. I get the feeling that the forum isn’t high priority right now because of the lack of activity and the other projects Tek has going on. It’s understandable.


Atleast on social media and other things I’ve seen, I don’t think this (the platform, videos, etc) is the focus of Tek Syndicate. Pretty sure Logan is gravitating more toward music, making the video game, Fenek, and Epic Pants.


It makes sense. It’s potentially much more profitable with the way that YouTube is going.

It seems like unless you’re getting millions of views each month, then YouTube isn’t practical as an only source of income. Depending on how much work you’re putting into it, it might not even be worth it as supplemental income. It’s a great marketing tool though. If you get enough people on Patreon, buying merch, etc. then it’s worth it.

I personally have a couple videos on YouTube, one of which is a dud, and one that has just over 40k views. That has made me a whopping $22.67. I’ve noticed most of the recent Tek videos are about 8k-13k views. That, plus the fact that the forum is so quiet, and Logan has been talking about other projects for a long time now, I can’t blame em for shifting focus.