Who Are You Currently Roleplaying?

So with all the talk of 5e in the Newegg Serious Business epsiode I thought I’d share the character I’m currently playing in our brand spanking new campaign.

His name is Dazz’le Dupé, 1st level Half-Elven Bard. This character is somewhat of a change for me as he is only focused on roleplaying, having poor combat skills but still having sufficient support to keep the group going when the going gets tough. You see my primary focus is persuasion and manipulation, but not on trivial things like convincing guards to let me pass, rather influencing local government whether they be local lords or village elders and bending them to my will.

For my background I’ve taken Waterdhavian Noble, with my family being in the business of trade. On the surface everything is typical, lawful and straightforward, but secretly we operate in the acquisition and sale of slaves, most significantly to the denizens of the Underdark. To this extent my character has developed an admiration of Mind Flayers, devoting himself to the ideals of Ilsensine, their patron deity.

I aim to dual class into Mystic later on, to more emulate the ideals (and abilities) of the illithids (think I’m aiming at 6/14). I’ve mapped out my character to be a social monster, quite literally, with my comrades being none the wiser.

He’s been thoroughly enjoyable to play so far.

Who have you been playing?