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Where do you get you PC parts from?


I used to get them from tiger Direct when Logan was still working there then moved to Newegg then I got my Prime account and then I discovered amazon has computer part’s amazing return policy’s live customer support timely e-mail responses oh yeah and that 2 day free shipping is pretty clutch as I originally used prime just for Video content. So that had me thinking what everyone’s most trusted e-tailer or retailer was and why.


I use Amazon because of Amazon prime mostly. Their same day/next day delivery can be a bit iffy but as I live near to one of the depots it’s not too bad. I can also get free Sunday delivery which also helps


Amazon, B&H, Logic Supply, Newegg

Really boils down to who is the cheapest.


Generally from Newegg. I live in New Jersey, and there is a Newegg warehouse about 10 minutes from my house. I generally buy there and usually pick up from the warehouse.


I used to live in South Jersey and newegg was great. That and amazon is where i get most of my PC parts.


I use Newegg mostly, and amazon if the prices are better. But generally it’s easier to find parts and get tech specs from Newegg.


A fellow Jerseyan! Since this warehouse is in Edison, I live in Woodbridge so it’s such an easy drive for me.


Memory Express


usually newegg, they have their will call nearby so i can pick up the parts same day usually, one thing is it’s always during rush hour so that sucks.


Amazon . Unless I need something very specific that they don’t carry.




I compare prices between Amazon and Newegg. Pretty much what everyone in this thread is saying.

(Also if you’re into stocks this shows Amazon is a strong buy and their stocks are down right now. Possibly not a bad time to invest in them. Always study it before you decide to invest anywhere though and always take advise from strangers like me with a grain of salt. Just kinda my opinion of it right now. Man that got off topic…)

Sorry for last bit of whatever that was.


Well I often win pc parts online so that is one way I get them. I also in the past bought a few things from people on local classifieds. I got a 9800 GT that way. In regards to peripherals I am usually buying from local stores such as Staples, Walmart, and Best Buy as they had the best prices on mice and keyboards I wanted to use. In regards to Xbox 360 controllers for PC well I think I got one and maybe more from NCIX Canada. As for cases for my son’s first PC I bought the PC case locally at a mom and pop store and the store is still in business today over a decade later. As for other cases they were bought at NCIX Canada and so were hard drives, motherboards, cpus, memory, and video cards. I am sure I got something from Newegg Canada once but it was free due to some offer. I also may have gotten something from Memory Express and/or Canada Computers but not sure.


Almost exclusively Amazon and Newegg. They have never failed me in the past, deal-wise and shipping/returning-wise.


I like Best Buy and Micro Center since they employ people who live in the area and provide at least some taxes to the local community. I use Amazon mostly to read reviews.


I have like 3$.
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Newegg and Amazon. I find that Newegg generally has better sales, but if there aren’t any sales going on I’ll go to Amazon because of Prime shipping.


First I would see if Massdrop had anything, then I’d see if teksyndicate/critTV had any sales posted. Then I would just buy from Amazon. Prime is amazing. Plus they sell really cheap bongs from china that are very large. I recently got a new keyboard, headset, and graphics card from Amazon, and it arrived in 2 days.


I get everything from Mike’s computer shop


EBAY! Muahaha!