What's your Twitch.tv channel?

Just wondering if any of you stream on twitch. What’s your channel name? What games do you usually play?

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Same as my nickname here, but you will have to kick me in the balls a couple of times since i stream in russian and need a hint or two that english speaking people are present.
Maybe i will switch to english completly.
I usually stream what i enjoy, currently it is Shadowverse, a decent F2P TCG that is growing fast in the western areas.


I’d stream if I had the time lol. But yeah, same name on here as twitch.

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i used to stream to twitch but i stopped. too busy with work and life at the moment, so when i game i dont have the energy to be on stream. my twitch name is the same as my nickname here.
i mainly streamed battlefield 4 and arma 3

Yeah, Twitch is a grindfest if you really want to get some numbers - you have to do it daily, hardcore - or be extremly lucky.
Dont forget that there are a few other platforms. Youtube Gaming, Hitbox (kinda dead) and recently - Beam (Microsoft bought it, integrated into Xbox now). Twitch is by far the biggest platform, but Youtube Gaming is catching up.

If you actually want to see more of my game play follow me there on Twitch.

My name is the same there as it is here.

Currently mic less and no Web cam.

Coming soon though.

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Feel free to post your Twitch channels - maybe we can get a Twitch stream team going.

You can find me here: http://www.twitch.tv/hutchison15/

Of course, you should follow ours for misc. shenanigans: http://www.twitch.tv/OfficialCritTV

Since i forgot to even mention mine. https://www.twitch.tv/nataustv

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Guys, dont forget hosting each other etc. I know Pistol and other members have a decent follower base, it could be useful when the whole community works together. Nobody is forced to do anything, but networking is the key and it could benefit everyone in the end :slight_smile: Autohosting on Twitch works really well, use it!



Here is mine.

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Usually stream:


Although that list needs to be updated.

Streams SHOULD be Sundays around 8PM UK (+0) time.

www.twitch.tv/kript3k Currently streaming BF1 and a little SWTOR.

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Same as here. http://twitch.tv/RizakiKoizumi

I am unfortunately not streaming due to GeForce Experience being an epic fail and too lazy to set up OBS.

It takes like 5 min bro! (and dont do a me where I fucking didnt change my Twitch server and had frame drops all over the place)

Because I have terrible internet and thus do not even try to stream anymore my channel is hardly worth mentioning but here it is …

lol it isn’t that, it’s just that I never got around to doing things. I’m not sure I ever had frame drops in OBS, but I am at the mercy of my network upload (dat 5mbps life)

My channel is here: https://www.twitch.tv/0mon_ra

I don’t stream games that often, I mostly stream myself DJ’ing. It’s been pretty infrequent right now, I don’t really have a set work schedule at the moment so it’s just kind of when I have time. Might do a little stream later this afternoon/evening if I don’t have to work; if not tomorrow after I vote I may.


I stream every now and then http://twitch.tv/slowion

Usually FPS and sports games

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i’m a truck driver now and on the road 90% of the time. but i do have a laptop that i can play on and be happy. i usually play warframe or league. i do have other games but i’ve yet to download them on my laptop or fresh installed desktop

We are live in an hour (7pm eastern time) It’s a french canadian show where we drink beer and talk about tech, gaming and local events