What's your Camera Setup?

My setup is for video: I’ve got a Sony A7S II that I should really, really do more with. That’s paired with a Zoom H6 I just bought yesterday, and I’m going to get a Rode blimp (or make my own since I work at a cabinet shop) for audio. I very recently upgraded to the Sony from my old Canon T4i which refused to work anymore, despite it’s low shutter count (80k). We’ve got full length scripts in the works, just need tons more practice, time, and money first. The lens is the Sony 24-240mm beast that works just fine for what I need, albeit a little heavy.

What are your photo/video setups?
What do you use it for?

P.S: Logan if you’re reading this: why did you switch from your fuzzy roland recorder to the yeti?

Edit: another question, my lens

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I haven’t shot much video recently, though I need to; kind of getting itchy for it again. I still use a hacked Panasonic GH2. I’ve got a bunch of lenses, mostly legacy Canon FD and M42 glass (I can list them later if people are interested in them; they’re cheap, plentiful on ebay and pretty good quality considering their age). I have the first gen Canon FD to m4/3 Metabones SpeedBooster, and that’s probably my favorite accessory. I also have a Sankor Compact Cinemascope 2x anamorphic which is pretty fun to mess around with; though a bit tricky to get right. For audio I have a Tascam DR-07 mkII with a shock mount. Then other stuff is an LED light panel, remote shutter/flash controller, and a bunch of batteries and SD cards, and other various other little things.

My daily is a Sony A7 with a Canon 50mm f/1.4 or a Zhongyi 85mm f/2. For astrophotography, I shoot with a Rokinon 16mm f/2.8. I’ll also play with some Minolta glass for portraits because I love how sharp they can be in the center but the green color aberrations can be a little much at times.

For video, I just have a Panasonic G7. No other gear yet. Honestly think it’s a little better then the GH4, and I see why Dmitry from Hardware Canucks prefers it.

1080p camera on the Samsung S5 and a Logitech 720p Webcam.

Nikon D610 with a 50mm ƒ1.4 lens, and for video-duties two GoPros (Hero4 Silver, and Hero4 Black)

Røde lav mic for audio on the Hero4 Silver.

My old iPhone 5 in a 3D printed bracket to attach it to a tripod from a spotting scope.

It ain’t the prettiest thing, but it gets the job done.

Nikon D5300 with a Tamron 17-50mm f2.8 and Nikon 35mm f1.8

Been using it for video mostly but I’m ready for a camera with focus peaking, touchscreen autofocus and 4K (60fps)


You have a nice base there, that a7sii is a holy grail camera for what it does imo. Of course make sure you got spare batteries.

I use t2i and 7d for everything. Have a bit of audio gear, could say am an audio snob - I hate talking about audio so I won’t get into that though.
24-105L, some 1.4 primes and a 70-300 is what I use for most of my stuff. i’m often borrowing a 5d3 and other stuff.


I don’t do video very often, so when I do I just use my phone.

For photo I use:

Fuji X100T

  • carry it with me everywhere
  • awesome all-around camera
  • small, pretty discreet, pocketable (if you wear cargo shorts or have large-ish jacket pockets)

I have a Gorillapod that I rarely use, and a relatively cheap normal tripod (it says Manfrotto, but it’s probably just re-branded, but gets the job done just fine) that I also rarely use.

I use a Thinktank Retrospective 5 like 99% of the time. I’d like to get a bag that’s a little more suited for hiking though once the weather warms up again. I got around alright with mine, but it would be nice to have both of my hands free all the time instead of having to keep scooting it behind my back when I’m trying to get somewhere difficult.

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