What videography gear shall I get?

I don’t know much about camera gear at all but I would love to know what equipment is a much have!
I would love to record concerts and indoor activities.
It would be much appreciated if someone could provide me with some insight on cameras, lighting etc.
Thanks (:

Depends on your budget. I’ve been looking at a Panasonic G7. Sony and Panasonic both make boss mirrorless cameras that you might want to check out from around $1k-$2k

I’d second @Ferman 's recommendation of a G7, or any of the Panny m4/3 cameras. However, depending on what concerts you want to record, you may need to ditch the interchangable lens format. I know some venues/concerts allow cameras, but only if they are ‘non-professional’ fixed lens cameras. Having said that, most security guards are aware of the bigger Canon/Nikon cameras, so sometimes you can get away with a smaller m4/3 camera without them noticing. What other ‘indoor activities’ are you wanting to shoot? If it’s a lot of low-light stuff, one of the Sony’s with a full-frame sensor would be best, but they are quite expensive. Micro 4/3, while I love it, does struggle a bit in low-light situations.

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I got my G7 when it was $500 on Amazon - which was a steal. Would recommend as well.

Audio-recording capabilities should be a priority, as well as lighting for the subject.

Please give us your budget.