What to do with a spare webserver?

Yo, community!

I have a webserver, pretty small deal from DigitalOcean.


(its a little empty because I was messing around with it and deleted everything and who keeps backups anyway?)

I was checking my average stats and stuff (just before everything died) and I noticed my PEAK CPU usage is about 0.715%

Now, I know this is because no one goes on my blog, and I dont think that will change soon.

So what cool thing should I do with the rest of the CPU? <3

Don’t know if you torrent or anything buuut - seedbox? Game servers? Not sure if you have any restrictions or where the box is but just some thoughts.

Plex Server! If you have some IRL friends who are movie buffs you can pool you collections together and rip it to that. Did a similar project awhile back it’s been pretty sick.

Heres the problem:

I have a transfer limit. And tiny disk size (20GB). The transfer limit is pretty high (1TB) but a seedbox would eat that in a few days.

Game servers: any games you can think of? I dont play much but I wouldnt mind hosting something for the community (not that that cpu ram combo would run much of any game released after 2000 XD)

I wish it had enough space on there! :frowning:

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oh just saw your space comment =(

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I was gonna make it a proxy for a flex server which would store all the data on my home pc, but that would require me to leave my pc on constantly… but if I dont come up with anything else I will propably end up doing that

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You’d be surprised - games from like the Source engine don’t actually take up a lot of resources.

TF2 is a pretty fun game that’s on multiple platforms and free to play.


I will look into that then!

factorio server, minecraft server; just to name some of myh favorites. Or you could keep it up and turn it into a wordpress blog that you could have your resume on. Could come in handy one day.

I already have a ghost.io blog on there. 100000000000 times better than wordpress. wordpress sucks.

well it uses Node.js so ofc lol. As far as security goes, just install wordfence, turn on the caching engine and for serving static web pages you’re all set. Not slow at all. Up and rolling in 30 minutes.

Although; a fun thing to do would be to make your own stuff from scratch. Are you at all interested in web development?

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nah, Im a sysadmin, I do backend.

ive made websites before for my job when they had no one else to do it, but i dont particuraly enjoy it…

also I think you misunderstood me. I dont use wordpress, i wont use wordpress, wordpress is a waste of time and life. I have a bloggin platform already

fair enough. Won’t argue you about it here.

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I recommend it with my whole heart :wink:
but yeah lets not argue.

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Is this platform ‘free’ or is it a ‘paid-for’ / ‘subscription-service’?

I’ve been using Nextcloud to sync key folders on all my machines. It’s been extremely handy and i an my own middleman. I should make a video on it.

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make a portfolio/resume kinda website?

Free. Opensource

You can rent a webserver from then and then they manage the backend for you, but imo its a bit overpriced, so I digital ocean + deploy the platfrom myself.

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Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

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