What PC hardware brand gets often overlooked?

This topic was suggested to me by @Fouquin :slight_smile:

Almost all people who like hardware know about brands like Corsair, Asus and so on.
However there are hardware brands that get overlooked. Many people who are getting into building PC may have never even hared of them.

I will start off with FSP (http://www.fsplifestyle.com). FSP is a brand of PSUs and UPSs that are really high quality. They make power supplies since 1993 and make them for many different devices, from laptops and desktops to servers. They even make some very interesting PSUs for desktop like the Twins PSU.

However not many tech channels talk about them. Which means many people who are getting into the tech and building their own PC may overlook the FSP.

I would like to know what other hardware brands do you think gets unnoticed. This can include hardware inside a PC (PSU, Motherboards, SSD… and so on) or Peripherals (Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor… and so on).

I hope this thread will be useful to many people starting out and even some people who been building PCs for some time now.

I’ve actually got an FSP Fortron Source Gold in my System and it’s probably the best PSU i’ve ever had. Even unter extremely high load it’s fairly quite, Efficiency is way above 90% and actually, here in germany, they are well known. There where a few hardware magazines, that gave the FSP best scores they ever rewarded. Which is one of the reasons i got one :smiley:

Another brand that get’s overlocked: Biostar.

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Biostar Looks good for motherboards, I will look more at their motherboards when I will be upgrading to ryzen.
They also make SSDs, which might be useful for my boyfriend to check out since he is looking to upgrade to an SSD. Thanks.
(they also do other stuff too.)

PNY is a weird brand because I feel like everybody knows who they are, but most people don’t actually use their products. They make GPUs*, SSDs, and RAM and I only know like three people that have used their stuff. Looking at the specs and prices they seem to be pretty reasonable too.

*They make the normal GTX series of cards, but they’re also the only third party company that makes Quadros right now.

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