What PC hardware are you most looking forward to?

What upcoming or potentially upcoming product are you most looking forward to?

I’m feeling a bit of an RGB fever, so I’m really looking forward to the H500M and potentially an MA620M (which is an ARGB MA620P). Possibly interested in the RGB cable extensions from Lian Li that Paul and Kyle recently covered. Also hoping CM makes those 200mm ARGB fans from the H500M separately purchasable as well (for the top).

Hoping AMD will bring Ryzen-type multi core processing to GPUs and stomp a mudhole in Nvidia. I realize Nvidia is busy trying to save the world (or end it) with super computers and self driving vehicles, but they’ve really been pissing on the gaming community for a while now. How hard would it really be for them to take one of their ultra deluxe t1000 Terminator cards, water it down, and call it the 1100 series GPU? They know they own the gaming GPU market, so they pretty much do whatever they can to expend as little time/effort/money in Next Gen desktop GPUs while raking in as much profit from the segment as possible. #screwNvidia

Ryzen-type multi core processing to GPUs

What do you mean by this?

t1000 Terminator cards, water it down, and call it the 1100 series GPU

NVidia does have lower powered cards, like the 1030 and 1050, if that’s what you mean, or do you mean just moving over the volta series to consumer grade? Either way, yeah, with crypto NVidia doesn’t have to do anything atm, any cards they make will be bought out instantaneously, so why put in the effort of a new product cycle?

I’m looking forward to whatever GPU lineup AMD is putting out next. I was very tempted to buy a 580 now that they’re not insanely overpriced and not difficult to find, but they’re really not better than what I have anyways. I have a 970 that I think I paid like $350 for brand new a few years ago, so it seems stupid to buy a 580 when I don’t have any problems with my 970 other than I’m aching to work with some new hardware. So I’m hoping the 680 or whatever is next will be reasonably-priced and better than what I have. Hell, I might even just give my current desktop to my gf and build a full AMD rig.

I’m hoping AMD has something that can do 4K 60 next gen, preferably for under $500. Until then I have no reason to move off my R9 380.

Intel Optane.

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Like ThreadRipper has multiple dies, that are Glued together and use infinity fabric. If AMD cant figure out how to build 1 killer GPU die maybe it can put out a multi die card. They’ve got an integrated thing with Intel and Vega, it couldn’t be that hard to do it with 2 Vega chips or even 2 Polaris chips. Like Crossfire that actually works

I’m ready for a new generation of graphics cards from both camps

I’ve gotta go with the lian lee Dynamic O11 Razor, great airflow and amazing looks with a Deb8auer name plate :joy: