What Makes A Good Writer / Media-Creator?

Carrie Fisher’s passing has prompted me to look at why the original Star Wars film emerging in 1977 made her, and many of her peers in this groundbreaking classic stars in their own right.

Arranging for great actors to be included in a movie is one of many factors to its (anticipated) success, but the foundation of any soon-to-be-classic is its scripting / writing.

The actor in any movie provides the vehicle for a script to be visualised on the big screen, and certainly how well they accomplish this is down to how they interpret the script.

The script is the star.

It goes without saying that any aspiring writer should possess an excellent grasp of the English language (and its complexities), that same writer should know how to relate stories to his or her audience.

A familiarity, and appreciation of Shakespeare’s vast volume of written work is an excellent stepping stone for any writer, too.

A big factor with many excellent writers is that their previous life experiences also come into play when scripting a book or movie, most of the post-war writers of years past based their books on experiences as WW2 combatants (or having lived through this era of austerity)

Modern-day writers like JK Rowling certainly draw their inspiration for their fantasy tomes from a slightly more contemporary setting.

The basics of writing or constructing an epic still stand, and this still applies to video-creation or games-development:

  1. A Begiinning

  2. A Middle

  3. And an Ending

What makes a good writer?

The ability to enchant, and mesmerise an audience.

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That goes for any language.

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That’s true GabD :slight_smile:

Well I certainly don’t believe the first Star Wars was the smash success it was cause of the writing. A lot of bad lines and so so acting in the first one.


I’ve read a few articles where George Lucas had to review the script a few times, even Sir Alec Guiness wasn’t too impressed on the first reading.

I guess my original post is just a ‘generalisation’ on what makes a great writer or content-creator.

Well, here’s an example of bad writing :

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Theft! Most good movie’s stole from good stuff no one watches anymore or obscure stuff.


That’s true, there is a lot of the ‘copying’ of certain writing-styles, and this extends to movies, music, and books, too.

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