What is your favourite movie?

My favourite movie has to be Superbad in my opinion, its a great movie.

I have a hard time picking favorites… If you haven’t watched it, I’d give Her a watch. Beautiful film, Spike Jonze did great.


Great movie. A good friend from college worked in wardrobe on it.

I have a hard time picking one favorite (I majored in Film Studies) but Casablanca is always hard for me to ignore. Sounds kind of cliche, but everything from the dialogue (it was the first screenplay the writers ever wrote), cinematography, acting, story, it’s all great. Nearly any film noir/neo-noir ranks pretty high for me though. Of more recent movies, Moon is the one that comes to mind.


This is a good question, and I really need time to think this one over.

Casablanca is a classic - good pick.

My all time favorite is Beetlejuice. That movie still cracks me up every time I watch it.

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I don’t know if I have a #1. Maybe Ghost in the Shell. I get incredibly bored with almost all mainstream movies… so I need the more introspective stuff, weird stuff, etc. Actually… the more avantgarde the better.

How I learnt to stop worrying and love the bomb.
Ever since I discovered these forums I’ve read Wendell’s posts in Dr.Strangelove’s voice.

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I dunno, probably Lawrence of Arabia, love the work of David Lean!

The Big Lebowski. The entire movie is filled with hilarious dialogue and wtf moments. All time favorite.


If you liked GITS, Avalon is from the same director. I wouldn’t say it’s my all time favorites, but among weird, dystopian-future films, that’s right up there. Avant-garde, as in Jodorowsky weird and out there or like ‘Pink Flamingos’ John Waters weird and out there?

Snatch. Humor, drama, great acting, great directing, great music.

Fith Element.

That’s the only movie featuring Chris Tucker that I can stand watching. He was born to play Ruby Rhod.

Ghandi played by Ben Kingsley, Open Range with Kevin Costner, and Robert Duval, Dark Crystal, and the original Star Wars movie.

Ahhh the Coen brothers… Need to rewatch this.

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If going by how many times I’ve watched them, Star Wars and/or Lord of The Rings.

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LOTR really never gets old. Though, I watched the Fellowship of the Ring so many times that I try to avoid it if I can.

I actually don’t watch at least half of the Frodo scenes whenever I watch the series. I get that the ring is supposed to essentially be trying to control the bearer, but it doesn’t get portrayed well I guess. Everything else is great fun though.

The books are cover to cover with no exceptions. I love high fantasy.