What Is Your Favorite Cloud Storage? [Poll]

Self explanatory.

  • Google Drive
  • iCloud
  • sync.com
  • OneDrive
  • DropBox
  • SpiderOak
  • Box
  • Mega
  • NextCloud
  • Amazon
  • Other (please @me and I will add to poll)

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I used to use Amazon when it was $5 a month for unlimited storage (for Prime members), but there were two big problems. 1 - Their Windows app was absolutely horrible. Every time I would restart my computer I would have to re-point it to the correct folders to sync for some reason. I tried updating, doing a totally fresh install, etc. but nothing fixed it permanently. A fresh install would fix it for a few days, and then it would start doing it again. 2 - They are getting rid of their unlimited storage. Their storage plans are still cheaper than Google and Dropbox I believe, but meh.

I used to use Google Drive and iCloud, but I don’t like either company’s philosophy on privacy. If I had to choose between the big three, I’d go with DropBox, but I don’t like DropBox’s pricing options. I used Mega for a little bit, but I just felt kinda sketched out about it. It used to be owned by Kim Dotcom, then he lost the rights to it or something so it got bought out by another company and now he says privacy is a concern, which realistically it could be safe and he’s just butthurt about losing it, but who knows.

I use sync.com now because it’s zero knowledge and open source, and they have decent mid-tier pricing. Google and Apple (and I’m sure OneDrive as well) scan everything that is in your storage, and there have even been times where Google has locked people out of Docs because the content was flagged for violating their terms of service (https://www.thesun.co.uk/tech/4815417/google-drive-block-terms-and-conditions/), which seems like a reasonable thing right? If it violated their terms, they have the right to block it. But personally, I don’t want Google scanning through everything I put in my storage. There’s always the risk that anything you put online can be compromised, but I’d rather use a service that makes some sort of attempt at protecting your privacy. I don’t want to pay $10 a month for DropBox because I don’t need 1TB of storage. Sync offers a 500GB plan for $50 a year. I only need about 150GB at this point in time, and when I need more I will expand. The sync.com app has been totally reliable between MacOS, Windows, and iOS.

I’m not a Stallman-level privacy fanatic, but I try to use services when practical. I mean, if you have a smartphone, you’re being tracked all the time. If you use Windows or MacOS, who really knows what’s going on behind the scenes? But it’s just not practical for most people to be like Stallman. But if one service says “Hey, we don’t look through your shit”, and another service is well-known for not giving a shit about privacy, and they both get the job done, I’m using the former.

I’m using nextcloud and still waiting for this:

It’s one click nextcloud install with your own domain.


Ahhhhhh that’s what that is. I’ve had that bookmarked for a while and keep checking back, but never knew what it was about.

Google or Box because as long as my university email is active I get unlimited storage for both through it.

I picked other as I like no cloud storage in particular. I prefer to have everything stored locally.

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I don’t really have any love for drive, it was just there, and I was already using the platform, so w/e.