What is your current profile pic/what does it mean?

Been kind of curious about this, since a lot of people seem to have obscure pics and logos and the like. Tell me what your profile pic is from (and/or what it means to you)!

My profile pic is a stock photo of a guy holding a corn dog, and it looks like he’s having stomach pain or something. It has no meaning, I just find it funny, because why does this exist. y tho

My username comes from a book titled ‘Omon Ra’ and my profile pic is one of the covers of the book. It’s written by one of my favorite authors, a Russian writer, Victor Pelevin. The book is about a guy who begrudgingly joins the Russian military so he can reach his dream of being a cosmonaut. Omon is his given name, which his father named him after the Soviet SWAT-like special police forces (pronounced Amun apparently), and Ra is what he ‘renamed’ himself, after the Egyptian sun god (Amun is another Egyptian god who was ‘combined’ with Ra at some point as well). He eventually gets a place on a mission to the moon, only to find out the Soviet space program is not all that it seems. IMO, it’s not Pelevin’s best work, but I still enjoyed the book a lot. He writes a lot about the fall of the Soviet Union, the absurdity of Soviet propaganda and thinking, society dealing with the changes from communism (either its rise or fall), spiritual/transcendental themes, and all with a quasi-scifi twist. It is translated, so sometimes there are some parts that just don’t make sense. ‘Buddah’s Little Finger’ is my favorite of his, and he wrote a modern retelling of Theseus and the Minotaur called ‘The Helmet of Horror’ which I also really like a lot. It’s written like a chat room conversation, which is odd at first, but it works really well for the book.

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It’s a ‘w’.

I’ll let people guess why.

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Do you really want to know that …?

Cause I like beaker???

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It’s a screwdriver. I build stuff.

Though the combination of your username and pic was supposed to mean “Evil Screwdriver”.


Mine is pretty unoriginal. Used to play lacrosse in high school, and my number was 15.

Lastname + jersey number = hutchison15.


I smoke a lot of weed and I like Batman. The picture is me with my bong.

I love PhysX. I will recommend Nvidia video cards because of PhysX and other features Nvidia provides. This is why my profile pic is what it is right now.

Mine is the logo from one of my favorite doom/gothic metal bands called The Foreshadowing. It is an Ouroboros wrapped around an Alpha and Omega greek letters and two Angels holding it on the sides with their hands.


Profile pic is just me being bored at the clinic I work in lol

My username is my ex-gf’s nickname combined with the year I was born. It kinda grew on me thru the years so even if we are no longer together, I end up using it as my username in games and whatnot.

Yes… that is sad. lol

Deathspell as In something a death spell would be spelled in magical words…or the black metal band, as you wish.

The profile pic is Greed from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood anime. I find this character development really strong in the series and he’s just badass.

My current profile pic came from a TV show called “Chuck”.
It is a Nerdy, Romantic, and Spyish program, then became my favorite :sparkling_heart: TV show since the very first episode, the profile pic I’m using is a fan art I found which is inspired by the logo of Nerd Herd. The place where the main character "Chuck" works at.

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I used to operate Caterpillar bulldozers, and graders in the mining industry (I was also an electrical TA (trades assistant) prior to operating machinery)

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I see the levels of creativity vary. Lol

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I like Wayne’s World. :slight_smile:


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It’s Noire from Hyperdimension Neptunia. It’s there because I’m a weeb plus Noire is cute. It was a screencap from the anime that accompanies the game series that I took for a collage i created for banners, sigs, etc that I’d use.

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