What is a solid mid range gaming PC?

Just write down components for solid mid range gaming rig! Whenever I try to put something together and I’m trying to read up on some comments and what not its always the same answer (wait for this, wait for that, that is better, etc.). Cant really understand what would be good for mid range coz of all the bias and confusing comments!

i5 6500, gigabyte g1 sniper atx 8gb ddr4 2400, 240 gb ssd, 1tb seagate hdd, evga 600w bronze (gtx 1070 or r9 fury) and a good looking case.

A 1070 isn’t midrange at all. 1050-1060 or 480 is midrange.

  • i5 of choice
  • applicable motherboard
  • 8 to 16 GB RAM
  • Moderate SSD (i.e. 240 GB Mushkin ECO3 or Samsung 850 Evo)
  • 1 TB HDD
  • 650-ish watt power supply (no reason not to get 80+ Gold nowadays)
  • 8 GB RX 480
  • Mid-tier, good quality case (like a Define R5, S340, or the like)

Well at the price of high ends like the r9 fury or 1070 these days i’d say why not! But yeah you’re right, rx 480 or 1060 are the mid tier cards.

Save some money and go for non K cpu, put more on the gpu.

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Added an R7 250 to my kids 7870 for dual graphics.
“You now have a good mid-range gaming PC!”

I just built a pc for my mother-in-law for christmas


It came out to around 600 from bundle discohnts at microcenter. She only plays world of warcraft so I didnt opt for a 1060 but that wouldnt be much more expensive.

-GTX 1060 6GB with good cooling – Asus Strix or Zotac AMP! model
-Intel Unlocked Core i3-7350K with lowest voltage memory it can use (worth waiting for)
If you absolutely NEED a 4-core, get the unlocked i5 instead (leave the ring clock alone)
-16gb dual channel DDR4 (stay within frequency spec of the CPU)
-Z-series Intel chipset board (increase the core clock)
-M.2 SSD plugged into the motherboard (worth every penny)

I did a similar build with my backup computer – Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 6970 2GB, Intel Pentium g3258 (unlocked), Crucial 16gb ddr3-1600 1.35v, re-used old MSI Z87 board and mSATA SSD.

I run it at 4.0 GHz Core and Ring (unclock) frequencies and still have all power saving and down-clocking features enabled with full stability and sleep functionality. I am only comfortable doing so because the memory kit is 1.35v (not the 1.5v the CPU’s IMC is rated up to).

I was able to achieve this using a CoolerMaster CM Storm Scout 2 Advanced case, good fans and OCZ 750w Bronze PSU which I cleaned and rebuilt with a new 140mm fan. The slightly overkill PSU allows it to run near maximum efficiency (50% on the curve).

Never underestimate the power of a lot of exhaust fans. That Scout 2 case lets me run 2 exhaust on top, 1 in the back, and 2 more on the side door. I can get away with quiet fans and still run cool temperatures with my overclock.