What I Hate About Souls-Like Games (Elden Ring, Hollow Knight, Bloodborne, Dark Souls, Etc.)

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I’ve been told over and over that the Dark Souls and Soulsborne games are “not for everyone.” But there’s something about them that draws me in… there’s a lot to love… broken conventions, struggle, lack of hand-holding, etc. It wasn’t until I was playing Hollow Knight that I realized exactly what it was about this genre that really turns me off. Check out the video and let me know what you think.

Also, PLAY Hollow Knight. It’s amazing.

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I’m that kind of player where easy is too easy and normal is too hard for me. There are so many choices of platforms and so many choices of games and genres, why shouldn’t a game have a choice in difficulty. I prefer games with at least 3-5 choices of difficulty, but not an insane amount of options like Postal 2 and Unreal Tournament 2004. So many are confusing.

My favourite game is Fallout New Vegas and I play it on hardcore mode on maximum difficulty. But I save all the time and I’m very liberal with quick-loading. Difficulty is a spectrum so anyone saying that there should be the one difficulty you can basically tell that they’ve not really spent a lot of time looking outside their own experiences (or even really understanding why they enjoy the things they do).

Oh and I really like rogue-lites, my favourite probably being Dead Cells. I like dying and losing a bunch of progress, but really only because I also progress (you invest Cells into permanent upgrades every 2-3 levels). Feels like a great compromise? And the game is still hard!

Anyway, I ended up agreeing with a bunch of what you’re saying here. But also like I might enjoy Hollow Night so I’m gonna give that a try later :’)

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I’d just rage quit a game if I lose any progress. :sweat_smile:

I think with Dead Cells it helps that you get a random selection of gear at the beginning (from the starting set + whatever you’ve unlocked as part of permanent upgrades).
So sometimes you’ll spawn and get a super OP weapon and breeze through the first few levels, which is hella fun, especially because you can start aiming for extremely hard challenges with rewards (like “don’t take any damage” or “beat the first level in 60 seconds” :grin:

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I’ve never played Dead Cells before and I have yet to complete Fallout New Vegas properly. I like rewards/achievements. For me it encourages me to play the game and get them. I like saving a lot in Fallout. Quick saves between combat situations and manual saves before doing missions or entering an area… But I prefer checkpoint saves, it feels to me almost like realty or a in-game landmark.

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I sure as hell wished that all games would have somekind of adaptive AI which adjusts difficulty based on in-game actions. I know most AAA FPS games have this, but not all games do. I played old games like GTA3 and The Godfather so many times that I actually wished it had a difficulty setting.

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