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What got you into tech?


I’m glad I had no restrictions!

At age 10, the family computer (pentium II 266mhz) was moved to my room, which was awesome for me. But unfortunately my parents were spending time in my room so I couldn’t always play video games. But I played a lot of starcraft and diablo 1 on this computer. I also had all the different nintendo consoles up to the n64 and the playstation 1 at this point so when they were on the PC I still had them to play on.

This formula of the family PC in my room (now a pentium III 733mhz) kept going this way until I was 15 or 16. I was playing so much Diablo 2 and I was getting annoyed that I had to leave to game so my parents could use the PC. I bought my own Dell athlon 64 x 2 4200+. From this point I took interest in hardware and I even bought a BFG 7300gt to upgrade the dell. I played a lot of diablo 2 again but my tastes grew broader, I tried many FPS games and I LOVED Battefield 2142. The last 9 years I’ll keep them for another post :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it was the endless pursuit of me wanting to play games, and my passion for taking things that I can get my hands to, apart.

My mom used to take me to her office from time to time, and when I’m bored and had nothing to do, she would let me play games on her office computer, it was an old Compaq Presario with Windows 98 on it. It had Hangaroo, that was the first ever PC game I played, lol, this was around the early 2000s.

Then my parents bought a knockoff VCD Player that included a disc that had 300 games (at least that what it said, most of those 300 games were just repeat lists), that’s where I discovered classic console titles. I still remember the first game I played on that VCD player, it was 1942. That game disc included lots of classic titles such as Legend of Kage, Contra, Super Mario Bros., Jackal, etc. I had a blast playing those games on that knockoff VCD player. I was around 7 at the time, and although my parents were pretty strict on play hours, they weren’t so much on what kind of games I played, so I guess I can say I’m still pretty lucky.

After that, a good family friend gave us a hand-me-down Dell pre-built PC that I was so excited to try, I broke it by frying the PSU (I forgot to switch the voltage to 240V from 115V). It was crazy, it was like all my dreams were crushed.

And pretty much everything after that has led me to here, I now build PCs and teach people how to PC (I teach basic computer software and hardware stuff to kids and adults alike). lol


My dad got into computers around the time I was born, so I grew up with him discovering all this stuff.
My older brother and I then got our own PC when I was 4, it was some Pentium II which was THE THING at the time. We then owned a couple Athlons (which I still have laying around… overheated but still look cool…) and around 2001 I had my first OWN computer which had some P3 in it running at I think 660 Mhz or something and a NVIDIA TNT Riva 2.

I also went outside, yes. Having a computer was always just a side thing to me, just really natural.
When I discovered mods I was like, really blown away - it all started with mods for the game Mafia for me back in like 2003 and I always wanted to know how that worked. So over the years I looked into replacing textures and sounds, then models and then making levels for Quake III Arena.

After that the next logical step was to learn programming… which I have been doing for like 10 years or so now. Been a Windows user most of my life, but did check out Linux around 2006 or so for the first time. Switched to that for a few years when Windows 8 came out, switched to Windows back and forth for a few months to play Elite: Dangerous and check out some other guff. Back on Linux now, running Slackware… happy for the most part.


Born into a tech family. My parents started a computer business back in 1996, still running to this day. It really started when I was 2 when I slammed my mothers keyboard crashing the system. They still don’t know what I did. They got me a second hand 386. They couldn’t get me away from it from day one.

Over time it no longer did what I wanted, I needed more power so when I was roughly 6 years old, I built my first system with my father. Good old PII system. Can’t remember the GPU, More than likely a Geforce 2. 13th birthday, a PII no longer cut it so I managed to get a Core 2 Quad system for my 12th birthday. Q9550 with a 9600GT. Later upgraded to a GTX 560. Which lasted me through high school. 2013, I built a 4770k overclocked to 5GHz matched with a GTX 780. then this year matched an 1800X with a GTX 1080.

So yea, Tech has been a part of my life from the beginning. So what got me into tech was crashing my mothers computer?