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What got you into tech?


in 2012 i decided consoles were weak and boring so i built my first PC in 2013… it’s snowballed into me knowing way too much about computers and i now build them for a living lol.


hahaha man …I think I’ll just leave this here. This was my first ever PC that I bought with earned money in 2006.
It sported a AMD athlon x2 4200+, 4gb ram, geforce 7300gt.

Before that I had my parent’s pentium 3 with 128mb geforce 4

My father took this picture, I can’t believe this


Nice shirt :stuck_out_tongue:


lol thx, not sure if it should be read In Flames or 15 frames


TechTV. As an anti-social middle school kid who only wanted to play video games, it was tough to make friends. I was up late (for a middle school kid,) one night and was going through TV, when I saw a show talking about Ninja Gaiden for Xbox. It was X-Play on TechTV, at the Tokyo Game Show in what must have been 2003. My young mind couldn’t handle this. I kept watching X-Play, but then later saw The Screen Savers, which also blew my mind. One of those shows talked about Far Cry 1 for PC. I needed it. I bought it. My PC couldn’t play it. No idea why. I went on forums and posted stuff like, “WHY CANT MY PC PLAY FAR CRY?!” They would ask me for specs, which I would say, “WHAT IS A SPECS?”

I learned about hardware so I could upgrade a PC to play Far Cry. By the time I was able to play the game, I hated it. That doesn’t matter though.

TLDR, fat kid sees video games on TV and it changes his life.


What Got me in to Tech wow, I was like 5 We had a old Win 95 PC that broke So Being the destructive Kid i was i pulled it apart and then put it together again. So I plunged it back in and turn it on and Bam it was working.


It’s cool that you’re a CS major. That seems real popular nowadays.

I always loved computers. When I was a kid we had a Windows 95 machine and the Internet. I remember getting into things like Napster and Limewire and Kazaa. It was so cool that I could just download songs and they’d be done downloading in less than a day! Of course, this wrecked our home computer.

When I was twelve my brother in law and I built my own gaming computer. I loved playing Half life 2 and Counter Strike, Warcraft 3, etc, but I also still loved Limewire and Kazaa. Then when I inevitably broke my computer my brother in law taught me how to fix it.

I’m now an IT guy and a just finishing my second year as a CS major and I love it!


Always was an interest of mine, took a computer hardware class in high school and was hooked since. Been in IT for 6 years now.


Taught myself batch and learned how to do some cool stuff with it, this got me into technology and computers, and I took my original PlayStation apart at young age to repair it as well, so that furthered my interest.


Command & Conquer baby! Was my first PC game and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I bugged my mom to let us buy a computer forever. Had AOL dial-up and the computer was Y2K ready. Nothing better than the 90s lol. Also my cousin who I looked up was building computers and was super smart showing me GBA emulators and my mind was forever blown.



Whew, now that’s a story.

First off it probably started back in late 2000. I had just started to get into PC gaming. I had been playing mostly SimCity 2000, Roller Coaster Tycoon, and later down the line SimCity 4. At this point I was using an old Dell Optiplex. When I first started it was as followed:

Pentium 4 2GHz
512MBs DDR
Some old IDE drive

Then I found RuneScape (yeah yeah crappy game I know) I played a crap ton of RuneScape and it wasn’t until RuneScape updated it’s graphics that I started improving that Dell I had. First row of things was a RAM upgrade. I think I got up to 2GBs and maybe later 4GBs. Then my dad had a bunch of old PCs in his workshop which I raided. Found some hard drives, a few GPUs, and some better processors.

Mind you I was about 13/14 didn’t have a freaking clue what I was doing. I just started to piece the system together bit by bit. After a lot of trial and error I had a pretty nice system and I could play RuneScape HD no problem. Also found out previous games I owned actually ran.

It wasn’t until RuneScape started releasing updates I really disliked where I got to the point of saying “Screw it RS sucks I’m making my own game.” At this time I was 15/16 and thought "how hard could it be?’. Yeah I was in for a lot of stress (Not good at math and programming and math heavy) I found an engine called Eclipse something, it was a 2D engine kinda like RPG Maker. Anyways after a lot of scripting, map creation, balancing, quest writing I made a ORPG. I had about 50 people play it from all over the world for the next couple of years. At this time I was also hosting a MineCraft Server and a community which fueled the ORPG.

Everything was going pretty great that is until I enrolled for college. All my free time was consumed. For the longest while I tried to keep everything running, handed out jobs to my mods and so forth but it had grew and become so dependent on me that it fell over. If I were to do it all again I’d change a few things on how I managed it. But hindsight is 20/20 and ultimately it’s thanks to RuneScape and that crappy Dell that I learned about PCs, then programming, scripting, and servers.

Sorry for the wall of text but my journey to where I am now is quiet long. :stuck_out_tongue:


Junior year of high school I was going to my local career center for electrical technologies. I had never really played around with much tech before then. Once we got into low voltage stuff I was like “Hey, this is pretty cool” and a few of my friends were in the Computer Networking class and they showed me around. That summer I watched nearly every video linus, crit, and many others posted about computers and that is where my knowledge comes from. Now I’m a freshman in college for Computer Programming and a nearly $3000 computer I’ve built myself.


When i was very young, my working mom dropped me off at my grandpa’s office. He was very busy and said, “here, play this game”:

I think it was on an old 8 MHz 8086 machine with like a single megabyte of RAM.

A bit later, my dad bought our family’s first computer, and late one night, he and I downloaded Wolfenstein 3D and Doom from a local BBS. Then he got the Barney mod for Doom. that was fun.

Fast forward a bit, I financed my first machine with a family loan and bought a top-of-the-line HP Pavilion for a whopping $3500. I picked up Unreal Tournament and starting making custom deathmatch levels in UnrealEd.exe to play with friends during LAN parties.

Keeping up with the computer games industry and always being the “go-to” guy for setting up the LAN and getting everyone in the matches necessitated my self-taught knowledge of hardware upgrades and networking.

Fast forward a couple decades, I went to college for Game Production here is Seattle.

Today, I’m living the dream developing Zweihänder for Logan! ( with the help of awesome team members from this community!)


My farmer grandparents.


They lived on a farm during the Great Darkness and had 11 kids. This means they had their hands full and needed to improvise in order to make the work on the farm more bearable. Out of necessity, grandpa and grandma became what we call “patenteux”, people who rigged stuff and made improvised machinery and devices to accomplish certain tasks.

They pushed their kids to get an education so that they wouldn’t have to endure the same hardships. Two of my uncles became factory assembly workers for Bombardier. Only one uncle went to university, in engineering, but worked in management instead, the others worked in construction. My aunts aimed a bit higher, all but one went to college and then university. One became a maths teacher, the others worked in management and accounting.

My mother was the eldest child, so she got to take care of all her younger siblings during her entire childhood and adolescence. She only had time to study and do homework at night instead of sleeping, so she was held back and had worse grades than her brothers and younger sisters. She still went to college, but did not graduate, preferring to concentrate on her family.
My dad was a self-employed long-distance trucker and earned more money than my mother could, so she was taking care of the house and my older sister while dad was the one putting food on the table. But my dad’s company went bankrupt in 1990 because of the oil price shock; my parents couldn’t afford their rent, so they moved in with my grandparents around the time I was born.

My sister and I were then basically raised with constant access to a steel workshop and a self-sustained garden in the middle of rural nowhere, but had amazing teachers to stimulate curiosity, rigging stuff and making experiments. My sister went to university in communication and media, while I was more interested in robotics and aerospace engineering, as far as “tech” goes.
PC gaming in particular simply made sense as a pastime.


I’m loving reading through this… here is mine:

My dad was big into tech in a creative kinda way. He had several 8086-based machines around that he used for various midi purposes. His guitar player (in his acid rock and later 80’s cheese rock band) had an Atari and I would always beg to play it. It was rare, but every now and then we would play. I also played a bit on Apple II e. I finally got an Nintendo, but I didn’t play that nearly as much as the SNES.

My mom was religious, so I had to hide games like Zelda (dad enabled that). I also had to play late at night because she only allowed me to play 30 min to an hour here and there. Then it was regulated to the weekends only.

I started tinkering with the 386 we had at the house and got some games on it. I remember beating DUNE on it… then trying several old SSI games, Betrayal at Krondor, Realms of Arcadia, and most any action or RPG game I could find. I realized that the PC was not seen as a gaming platform and I could get away with using it on school nights. Also, it was WAY on the other side of the house, so I could sneak out there and play it all night without getting caught… typically.

Fast forward a couple years and we had a crappy Packard Bell Pentium. I really waned to understand it… so I stayed up one night and took it apart. The next day I got into a bit of trouble for it, but I managed to get it put back together.

After that I saved all my money and was finally able to build my own rig. An AMD based system. I believe it was an Athlon K6 and an Nvidia RIVA TRT2 Ultra. It was around 1998-99. I played a lot of Unreal Tournament and Quake on that rig… it was also the rig I played Half-Life on… as well as all the Lucas Arts games and I don’t think I upgraded until Morrowind came out.

That is where I got started. It was mostly just me wanting to play games and tinker. I’m still this way. I get hardware for gaming, music creation, and editing… the details of the hardware are not as exciting to me outside of the uses.


I had the same rules when I was younger, really sucked. lol


I grew up with 4 older brothers, my 2 eldest brothers owned there own desktops with CRT monitors so the fact that I looked up to them kind of as super hero’s put sort of a mysterious vale over the whole computer thing. The day that I got to create my own user account I probably sunk a solid 4 or 5 hours into just diving through the directory, I wanted to see just how far down the rabbit hole went. I was addicted, so I downloaded Registry Hacker because you could apparently use it to change the loading bar and any other aspect of the windows xp shell that you wanted.

After around 3 years of using my brothers computer, I had a tower given to me by the IT guy the first year of high school. He caught me torrenting on one of the school computers and i guess my mom told him I’ve been looking for my own computer, so I ripped that thing apart and separated all the hardware, cleaned each piece then put it all back together. From then on my journey into the tech world continued.

I went to collage for Audio Engineering and Music Production and took a break from the hardcore tech stuff to concentrate on audio. During my time in collage I stumbled upon the tek and tech syndicate who somehow sparked my inspiration and I got back into the world of computers. Thanks Guys!


Were you only allowed to play certain types of video games? At first, it was, “nothing with magic.” So, I missed several good RPGs and plenty of movies. Then my mom went to a christian event. Some guy wrote a book about how evil games were. He called Mario a warlock because he used magic mushrooms to grow… and in Super Mario 2 there were potions… so, the list got smaller. I had a friend who was only allowed to play sports titles, but no American football, because that was too violent.

Dungeons & Dragons was a whole other world. I frequently played with several local friends, but only at their homes. One day my mother started asking about this terrible game that led to demonic possession. I didn’t say anything. I would have been banned from hanging out with most of my friends.

At my house, we created a D20 game and the rules worked for modern and fantasy settings. We just called it “The Game”. We kept it hidden, but even if someone looked at it they wouldn’t be able to figure much out.

B Sword - 65 G
L Sword - 60 G
S Bow - 25 G

Then random facts about races and classes. It was nonsense to people who didn’t know about D&D. Crazy times.


My household was only really stricked with movies. I wasn’t allowed to watch our VHS copy of The fellowship of the ring. But that was really the only restriction I had. My dad was always on business trips and my mom always had other things on her mind, so as long as we weren’t being loud she didn’t care what we spent our time doing. Most of the games I played were on the NES. Joust, twinbee, and Antarctica Adventure were the first few games i remember playing.

D&D is something my whole family did fairly regularly, my brother was always DMing campaigns for his freinds so occasionally i would get to join in.

Favorite D&D class to play was a level 7 Thief/Ranger and then prestige into the Assassin so I can get x3 sneak attacks from trees.


My parents mostly relied on the rating system, so it was no ‘M’ games for a while. Which sucked because tons of friends played Halo. But once I was like 14 or 15 they didn’t care anymore. I never got into DnD until later on.