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What got you into tech?


I found myself thinking about the varying backgrounds of everyone in this community, and decided to make a thread about it. So, if you would like to share, what got you into tech?

For me, it was mostly my desire to build a gaming PC. I had gamed on consoles for most of my life, and then I found Tek Syndicate when I was trying to learn about building a PC. They made me realize that there was actually quite a cool culture around PC gaming, and the tech world in general. So thanks to them for that. I’ve learned a lot from them and the community, and now I’m actually a computer science major in college! Woot!

Let me know what piqued your interest in technology. I’m actually quite curious.



Found a PC in the trash, it worked. I was a poor teenager and when it broke I researched how to fix it myself. Inherited parts, used those built more PCs, and it went from there.

Now working in the field for a few years, I almost hate tech lol


I worked in the mining industry as an operator, and due to many machines being fitted with ‘OIT operator interface Screens’ (including dozers) that is how my interest in tech started.

Of course my interest in tech-related subjects goes back much further to when I was a young kid in the late-1960s to early-1970s.


I wanted to play the first Far Cry back in 2004. My ATI 9200SE couldn’t handle it. I didn’t know why. I blindly asked on forums, “Why can’t my PC play Far Cry?” They would respond,“What are your specs?” I’d then say, “What are specs?”

Eventually, I found out what all those gizmos in the PC did and what I needed.

That led me to my love for PC. BTW when I finally got to play Far Cry, I hated it.*


Got my first laptop (not my first computer) when I was in 7th grade. Had it for a couple years and then I got Guild Wars in like 9th grade. Up until then, it had worked perfectly fine for everything that I played (mostly Runescape and GBA roms) I was only getting like 15 fps at most, so my friend recommended upgrading the RAM.

I started using computers probably 6-7 years before this, but was clueless when it came to hardware, so I bought the wrong kind of RAM. Thinking that the only difference between DDR and DDR2 was where the little slit was, I filed a new slit so I could fit it in the motherboard. Hit the power button; it turned on for a split second, then went black. It never turned on again after that.

That’s what convinced me that I really needed to start learning more about computers.


Been playing games on pc since the early 90s. I remember before I was in school my mom would take us to work with her since she owned the business. There was a room full on old pcs some working some not. Me and my brother would tinker with them. Rest is history I guess.


I’ve always like to take things apart and that eventually led to learning to put things together. Computers and technology are two of many “productive” hobbies I enjoy.


I’m in the same boat as @w.meri. I’ve always been one to take apart broken electronics to see what made them tick. Eventually I started putting things together and my interest for tech continued to grow from that.


That’s how I was, always taking toys and nearly anything in the house apart to figure out how they worked. I’m not exactly sure what it was that got me into tech, but I’ve always liked computers and tinkering with them. We got our first PC at home when I was in 3rd or 4th grade and I would spend hours sitting on there just trying to figure it out. I learned Lego-LOGO programming when I was in middle school, then started doing video production in high school. Since my love of motion picture (and stills, to a degree) coincided with the shift from analog to digital (we edited on VHS tape-to-tape editors up until I graduated, but we mostly had shifted to Final Cut for the majority of projects by my senior year), it sort of made sense that I’d keep up with the new tech as well.


When I bought my first PC myself at age 16, to play battlefield 2142. It was a dell athlon x2 4200+ with 4gb ram, geforce 7300gt and windows vista


C64 and/or the Odyssey 2 that were bought by my parents.


This one is more how I got into PC building.

One of my cousins came from the Philippines back in 2013 and lived in the house for a couple of months. He brought with him an AMD Phenom II X4 945 and assorted PC parts (which I now know is AM3). He bought a Coolermaster HAF 912 case as well.

Saw the performance difference than my laptop at the time and I wanted to try it out as well.


I was an only child and due to my mom’s health, I couldn’t attend public school. As the lone child stuck in the house, computers were the only thing to do besides Lego. At age 6 I started a web development company and, with the exception of a few years off for good behavior, I’ve been in the tech industry every since. Completely self-taught, no college, no degrees, no certifications.

The unique aspect of technology, computers and the internet specifically, is the lack of an age requirement. Anyone of any age, with the right skill, can work on them. Everything you need to know and learn to be successful in the industry is right here on the Internet.


I got into music technology and found that the crappy laptop i bought for £300 would not run stable in Ableton live with the amount of plugins and channels i wanted to use.
I built a few junker PCs to fuel this need and eventually got into gaming and other content creation which meant i had to continue building better junk PCs.
I don’t do much Music production or gaming anymore as my addiction for messing about with Tech has taken over.


Dad used to work at like Circuit City as an Apple sales tech, iirc. Apple fanboy-ism was of course transferred to me until I got to know better in high school. Then my friend taught me how to build my own PC and the rest is history.

I was unfortunately THAT kid that was going around the internet say “MACS DONT GET VIRUSES XDDD”


My dad’s been in IT for ages and I played AoE II with him and his best friend for so many hours on end whenever I went with him to his friends place. After that, kinda just had random PCs until some point after Skyrim launched in 2011, at which point I started looking at PC gaming again. Then built my first PC around 2012, started with Total War games and World of Tanks and then went from just playing games on PCs to getting really into tech since then.

What really got me into tech, and still is a massive interest to me, is overclocking, Originally it was to squeeze that extra few frames from my rig for free when I had a $250 system built from scratch parts but now I do it for the fun of it and the challenge :smiley:
Some highlights from that so far:
ocing a laptop

overclocking in the cold:

Golden Edition 560 Ti:

At some point later on, actually since 2015, I started getting really active in the AMD forums and on twitter and now I’m AMD Red Team pus, which is epic :laughing:


It was a Tandy 1000 in the library at my high school. I believe the first game I played was The Bard’s Tale.


it all started with this

must have been like 5 years old, the damn thing stopped landing correctly on the right picture. so i duno how, but i had already figured out how to use a screwdriver, when i opened it up i discovered it was a white record player inside, spring loaded to spin on the correct track. pretty much after that i had a passion for how things work and been in techno land ever since.


I was taking an Electrical Technologies class at my local career center. One thing we went over was low voltage stuff and that got me interested in wanting to do networking. I started to watch youtube videos. I easily watched over 1000 hours of videos learning about computers and when I had the money to buy a computer I was still scared about installing drivers so I bought a pre built lenovo desktop for $800 (I now regret every penny of it) and since then I started college for computer programming and I am constantly upgrading my rig.