What games run good on the GTX 1050ti?

Looking into building my first PC and I’m thinking of getting a GTX 1050 as other GPU’s like the 1080 and 1070 are too expensive. If anyone has one and has found a good set of games that run well on that card please let me know.

Everything runs well on the 1050ti you just need to turn things down from Max to just high in the newest titles. (Assuming you’re running 1080p) the base 1050 though may struggle with a few games like bf1 or GTA 5 for example because it only has 2gb of vram. Stick to the 1050ti and you’ll be a happy camper. Also check the rx 470 out too, if you can get it on sale for the same price (which happens pretty often) it’s definitely the better choice by about a 15-20% performance margin.

pretty much all of them if you turn down the graphical settings and filters a notch or two. Medium to High.
and it depends on the game itself. but yeah 1080P @60fps shouldn’t be a problem.

Sweet! Thanks!

Has anyone tested Doom on the 1050ti?

Yeah the game runs fine medium/high if you want 60-70 fps. (Average). Other than that depends on the fps and the graphics settings.

I run Doom at ultra for a constant 100fps

BF1 @ Ultra for 80-100fps too

With a 1050 Ti?

That doesn’t seem right. Is it a low resolution or something?

ye with a 1050ti, at some point i’ll get you screenshots but thats effort fam

We were getting some crazy framerate with our 1050 - EA did a hell of a job optimizing.