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What are you listening to - RIGHT NOW



Buckle up.



While I sleep


Prepare thy anus.





Some kids show my 2 year old has on in the background. Thrilling stuff.


I just bought this. So should you.








@Logan this 80ā€™s hair metal / cover band from Eric and Anthony is my favorite thing. :joy:

B.D.E. (Big Dick Energy)


BURY A FRIEND by Billie Eilish ā€¦ God I love this song. Pistol? you may like it for the unique beautiful song and LOGAN? composition wise? maybe anywayz waiting for some of that Logan magic ahhh intro to ep152 ? hint hint, nudge nudge wink wink say no more


Do After Effects videos on Lynda.com count?

I recently changed my degree path from CIS to Digital Media Design. Iā€™m tired of IT. Wanna start getting into something creative.