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What are you listening to - RIGHT NOW


Progressive Black Metal from Poland

Added bandcamp link -Logan


I’ll see if I can fix it today. The thing that gets me is that I made zero changes and it’s doing this… So what makes it happen?


I’ve tried another web browser too, so it’s not only Chrome.


If should be fixed now… rebooted the server and it’s ok… now to figure out what goes wrong that makes me have to reboot.

It looks like the URL for your progressive black metal is bad… I’m curious about what it is though, lol.


Silly me, it was missing a letter. That would’ve only been half the problem though lol

It’s fixed (It’s Mord’A’Stigmata - Hope (Full Album))

Here’s another good album

I especially like that most Black Metal bands these days have Bandcamp


Bandcamp link added by Logan - Buy this.


When @shredder mentioned Bandcamp I decided to see how hard it was to allow embedding. It’s easy (basically standard). So, we have new Bandcamp functionality!

So, I’ll start here:


This is awesome


Seeing Uada on July 1st… they opened for Satyricon recently and were extremely good, but it will be nice to see them as the headliner. They are channeling Mgla pretty hard, but that isn’t the worst thing. https://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Mgła/44722

I’m pretty happy at the moment. Just realized there was a new Hoth and a new Cor Scorpi album!

Cor Scorpi is awesome for fans of Windir, even has the same guy on keys.


It’s funny where roads lead you in the dark forests.

I was talking about how I like Atmospheric/Progressive Black Metal so much in a Facebook Group chat, I didn’t realise that the link this chick sent me was from a band she’s in.

This band is based in Brisbane, Australia


I’ve been listening to a ton of bands like Amon Amarth, Sabaton, Warbringer, Hibria and If These Trees Could Talk. Still building up my iTunes collection at the moment, as there are tons of albums I’m trying to get my hands on.


(Had to hide album frame due to nudity)

Oh my. The prophecy was true. I had to sacrifice many beers to see embedded Bandcamp links. Praise C2H6O.


Primus - Pudding Time


minor threat



35 Awesome Screaming Moments In Modern Rock/Metal Songs




Some music I made