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What are you listening to - RIGHT NOW



“Femme Fatale” - Perturbator


“Neo-Tokyo” - Scandroid


I am listening to nothing other than a loud bathroom fan right now.


Chinese folk music. Don’t really know why. Rather relaxing though.


Damnit… I’m so relaxed now.


Sioum - Tribulation


Lappi- Nightwish


3TEETH - Nihil

Bound by flesh, freed by blood!


That video is awesome.

I’m currently listening through the new Belphegor album. It’s solid.


Dead When I Found Her - High Anxiety


It’s pretty good. Have you listened to the new Satyricon?


Easy-E …

Real *$%@# G’s (Dirty) (Official Video) HD

I have listened to it almost 20 times today and earlier before going out I was trying to do the rap as when I am feeling down and want to pick myself up trying to rap gets me laughing and smiling as I am definitely not good at it. My brother, however was good at it. RIP bro.


Pirates of Stargazer Island.


Of lately


Perturbator- she is young she is beautiful


Tori Amos - Leather.


Nine Inch Nails - A Warm Place


Volbeat - The devils bleeding crown


Arthur ‘Guitar Boogie’ Smith and his Crackerjacks - Mr. Stalin, You’re Eating Too High on the Hog