What Are The Perfect Monitor Specs For Gaming?

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There are too many options in the gaming monitor world… How do you know which specs are right for you? I’m going to make a few videos talking about the various gaming monitors, the specs, and what is best for whom. And for this video, I want to cover what I think is the perfect set of specs for most people.

The Viotek GNV32DBE has, what I consider to be, the perfect set of specs for most gamers. This is my second Viotek gaming monitor and I’ve found them to be as good as it gets when it comes to price for what you’re getting. Check them out here:

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In this monitor you get:
32″ curved display
165 Hz
Inputs: DP 1.2 (2 of these), HDMI 2.0, and USB
Output: 3.5 mm audio


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