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What are some fun 4-6 player games?


Going to be hosting a LAN party for new years at my house and I wanted to know what are some new games out that would be fun for 4-6 people?


Genital Jousting.


Gang beasts is a weird but awesome couch party lan game.

Starwhal is plenty of fun too


Brawlhalla was a blast last time I brought it to a party.


Goat simulator


Unreal tournament 1999 GOTY


Check out Videoball.


Gang Beasts, Half Life 1 multiplayer (my favorite), Nidhogg (It’s only 2 player but the matches are short and hilarious).


We always do Unreal Tournament 2004 and age of empires 2 among other things. I’m doing my own New Years LAN party too.


Anything else guys?

So far we got Gang Beasts, Vermintide, Over 9000 Zombies, and possibly Zombie Army Trilogy



Goldeneye: Source is pretty fun; especially if yall had played Goldeneye back in the day. I was surprised at how much of the maps are burned eternally into my brain.


Duck game!


Risk of Rain. up to 4 player. Pretty cheap. Really fun 2D platform shooter; with PERMA-DEATH.