What About All the Good Things Zuckerberg Has Done? l The Crit Show 0062

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This week has been all Facebook and privacy. Well, what about Google and privacy?

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I read on another forum that Billy Mitchell used MAME to cheat by creating a little platform which was dubbed the “Finger of Cheating” at the start that is actually quite visible in the footage.

You can see the post here: https://forum.facepunch.com/f/sh/bskta/ApolloLegend-may-be-caught-in-legal-dispute-after-recording-Billy-Mitchell-co/1/

The grilling Zuckerberg is getting is well deserved, if maybe a pit politicized. It’s just interesting to see people clutching their pearls in shock over Facebook profiting off of peoples data as though that wasn’t obviously the business plan from the moment Facebook started.

Listen Logan, I know you fancy yourself as a bit of a food lover, but you will never smoke a meat like the Zucc smokes a meat, ever.

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