We're Looking into Streaming Games/Having a Community Game Night! What are Your Ideas?

At the moment CRIT and it’s members are considering playing games and such live at Beer Games Beer on Twitch or in our Discord server with the community! Members will come and go (Logan will not be constant due to schedules) and we are thinking of Wednesdays weekly to bi-weekly.

What we are hoping to get from the community is your desires in terms of; interaction with the audience, games you may hope to see, people that you hope to see or have us collaborate with, and the incorporation of Discord voice channels.

Our ideas are still being developed and plans are tentative but tangible and your input is immensely helpful!


Arma 3!

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killing floor 2

Once custom matches opens for everyone, we need to get a 100 man PUBG going.


I vote for whatever the streamer is interested in.

I’ve watched a few streams where the streamer was obviously not into the game, and yeah. It was pretty bad.


1v100, pans only

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